Clipped: Is Susan Behzadi Based on a Real Doctor?

In the second episode of FX on Hulu’s sports drama series ‘Clipped,’ V. Stiviano tries to consult a skin care doctor named Susan Behzadi. Stiviano attempts to find out whether she can alter the texture of her skin so that she can present herself more appealing in front of the cameras. When the receptionist reminds her about the potential scarring, Donald Sterling’s PA becomes conflicted about the procedure. Considering that glamour is the heart of Los Angeles, it isn’t surprising that the city is home to several renowned skin care doctors and plastic surgeons. Susan Behzadi can be seen as a representative of one or a few!

The Real Susan Behzadi

When V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling’s conversations were leaked, the former became an infamous celebrity overnight. The press dived into her past with magnifying glasses to garner as much information about her. One of the apparent discoveries was that Stiviano underwent plastic surgeries after arriving in Los Angeles from Texas. A photographer, who became her friend after taking her photos at a public event, told Daily Mail that “she loves being in front of the camera more than anything” and “she’s had a lot of work done.” “She can still strike an amazing pose, but she loves the attention more than anything,” the individual added.

Even though the press had extensively covered her supposed plastic surgeries, no outlet has revealed the identity of her plastic surgeon/dermatologist. Still, Susan Behzadi can be seen as a fictional counterpart of this real-life surgeon(s). There were several renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the City of Angels, ranging from Dr. Behrooz Torkian to Dr. Robin Schaffran and Dr. Rady Rahban to Dr. Daniel P. Taheri, while Stiviano was finding her footing in the region. The inspiration behind Susan can be a doctor from this exclusive list of skin care specialists. Furthermore, the particular scene set in Susan’s clinic can be conceived to introduce the infamous visor Stiviano had used extensively in reality.

In this particular scene, an unnamed woman sits near Stiviano with a visor hiding her face. In real life, Stiviano used the exact-looking visor to hide herself from the public. “I’m hurting. I’m in pain. It hurts to see someone that you care about hurting. It hurts to see people speculate, assume, say – throw darts at you when they don’t know you, when they don’t know your story, when they don’t know the truth – all based on hearsay and assumptions. It hurts. It’s easier to mask the pain,” she told ABC’s Barbara Walters about appearing before the world with a visor, which has been one of the most memorable elements of the scandal.

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