Cyrus Nowrasteh’s ‘Sarah’s Oil’ Plot Details, Revealed

Image Credit: The Movie Times/YouTube

Cyrus Nowrasteh’s upcoming film ‘Sarah’s Oil’ revolves around eleven-year-old Sarah Rector, a child of Creek and African heritage who is allocated 159 acres in Muskogee, Oklahoma, under the 1893 “Act for the Protection of the People of the Indian Territory.” Unbeknownst to many, Sarah is sitting on one of the most lucrative oil fields in the nation. When everyone around her tries to exploit her newfound wealth, Sarah bravely resists them, even when her life is in peril.

Image Credit: MyCBN/YouTube

As the narrative progresses, despite the dangers she confronts and against all odds, Sarah successfully retains ownership of her land. As her oilfield becomes a prolific source of pure black gold, she utilizes her substantial resources to altruistically assist others throughout her life. The film is penned by Cyrus and Betsy Nowrasteh. The filming of the upcoming project is set to start in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in July.

Nowrasteh recently directed the action thriller ‘Infidel,’ in which an American man (Jim Caviezel) is kidnapped in Cairo after being invited to speak out about militant uprisings. The filmmaker also helmed ‘The Young Messiah,’ which depicts Jesus Christ at the age of seven as he returns home to Nazareth from Egypt, tracing his growth into his religious identity. Nowrasteh’s credits include ‘The Stoning of Soraya M.,’ narrated by Zahra to a French journalist, recounting the tragic stoning of her niece Soraya in 1986 Iran.

Additionally, Nowrasteh wrote and directed the TV movie ‘The Day Reagan Was Shot,’ which portrays the events of March 30, 1981, when John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan amid geopolitical tensions. As a screenwriter, he wrote three episodes of CBS’ police procedural series ‘Hawaii Five-0’ as well.

Betsy collaborated with Cyrus to write ‘The Young Messiah’ and ‘The Stoning of Soraya M.’ She also wrote the movie ‘Bad Day on the Block,’ starring Charlie Sheen, following a heroic fireman who becomes hostile towards his neighbors and anyone else who irritates him during a heatwave.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, the main location of the movie, previously hosted the shooting of notable productions such as ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and ‘Tulsa King.’

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