Steven LaMorte’s Steamboat Willie Movie Starts Filming in New York in May

The filming of Steven LaMorte’s untitled “Steamboat Willie” movie is set to commence in New York in May. LaMorte produces the project along with his previous collaborators Amy Schumacher and Martine Melloul, along with ‘Terrifier 2’ fame Steven Della Salla and Michael Leavy.

The horror film is inspired by Steamboat Willie, the earliest version of Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The plot revolves around a malevolent mouse that becomes a monstrous entity, threatening a boat crew during a late-night ride in New York City. The motley group then sets out to survive the killer creature with a taste for tourists.

LaMorte most recently directed four episodes of the TV series ‘The Book Fair.’ His portfolio includes the horror comedy ‘The Mean One,’ set in a tranquil mountain town where Cindy’s parents are murdered and her Christmas is marred by a bloodthirsty green figure in a red Santa suit. Additionally, the filmmaker helmed the action movie ‘Bury Me Twice,’ unfolding in Los Angeles in 1954 as a detective unravels the mystery behind a reporter’s missing sister, discovering the link to a zombie outbreak threatening the city. His credits also include the TV movie ‘Daughter of Legends’ and short films such as ‘Balance of the Force,’ ‘Powerpuff Girls: The Long Way Back,’ and ‘The Witching Hour.’

“Steamboat Willie has brought joy to generations, but beneath that cheerful exterior lies a potential for pure, unhinged terror. It’s a project I’ve been dreaming of, and I can’t wait to unleash this twisted take on this beloved character to the world,” shared LaMorte in a press release. “It all comes from our love of these characters. […] Filmmakers — we’re all kids in the sandbox. We love taking them and playing with them in different ways. It’s not a desire to ruin these characters or make a quick buck, but to love them and honor them and show them in a new light,” the filmmaker added.

Despite Steamboat Willie entering the public domain, Disney has explicitly clarified that subsequent and more widely recognized versions of Mickey Mouse will continue to remain exclusively under the control of the company for the foreseeable future.

The major productions previously shot in New York, the setting and location of the movie, include Bradley Cooper’s ‘Maestro’ and Sony Pictures’ ‘Madame Web.’

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