Daniel Auteuil’s Sur le Fil Kicks Off Filming in Provence This October

The filming of Daniel Auteuil’s upcoming French film ‘Sur le Fil’ is all set to begin in Provence, France, in October. The courtroom drama focuses “on the relationship between an accused and his lawyer, who must defend him against everything, and especially against himself,” as per the official logline. Provence is a scenic region in southeastern France, known for its diverse landscapes, rolling vineyards, and historic architecture. The region has earlier hosted the filming of several renowned productions, including ‘Love Actually,’ ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer,’ ‘A Good Year,’ ‘The Transporter,’ and ‘Paris Can Wait.’ Famous French films like ‘Jean de Florette,’ ‘Manon des Sources,’ and ‘Le hussard Sur le Toit’ were also shot in Provence.

Auteuil helms the crime film and also stars in it. The acclaimed actor is known for his roles in ‘Girl on the Bridge,’ ‘Jean de Florette,’ ‘Manon des Sources,’ ‘Le Nouveau Jouet,’ ‘La Belle Époque,’ ‘Adieu Monsieur Haffmann,’ and ‘My Best Friend.’ Auteuil has won several accolades over the years, including the Best Actor Award at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival for his performance in the film ‘The Eighth Day.’ He has also been honored with the César Award for Best Actor twice. As a director, he made the films ‘The Well-Digger’s Daughter,’ ‘Marius,’ ‘Fanny,’ and ‘The Other Woman.’

The drama film is written by Auteuil, along with Steven Mitz, based on a literary work by Jean-Yves Moyart. Mitz is known for his work on the television series ‘Diana Boss.’ Apart from Auteuil, the film also stars Grégory Gadebois (‘Waiting for Bojangles,’ ‘Everything Went Fine,’ ‘Little Nicholas’ Treasure,’ and ‘Marvin ou la Belle Éducation’) and Alice Belaïdi (‘Le Nouveau Jouet,’ ‘Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,’ ‘Family Business,’ and ‘Si J’étais un Homme’).

The project is produced by Zazi Films, a French film and television production company formed by Danièle Delorme and Hugo Gélin in 2008. The firm has previously produced Gélin’s ‘Just Like Brothers’ and ‘Love at Second Sight’ and Ruben Alves’ ‘The Gilded Cage’ and ‘Miss.’ The company has also worked on the television series ‘Rémi Choré’ and the web show ‘Amateur.’

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