Does Louie the Dog Die in Ma Movie? Theories

Louie is Erica and Maggie Thompson’s constant companion in Tate Taylor’s psychological thriller film ‘Ma.’ When Erica and Maggie leave from California, to move back to the former’s hometown, Louie accompanies them as well. When Sue Ann “Ma” Ellington decides to appear before Erica, she uses Louie as a reason. The same Sue Ann hurts Louie immensely when she sets out to exact her vengeance on Ben Hawkins, her high school sweetheart who eventually betrayed her trust. The film ends without letting the viewers know about the fate of the beloved dog. If you are concerned about him, let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Louie, the Survivor

Louie’s path crosses with Sue Ann when the vengeful “ma” appears announced at Maggie’s house in the name of the dog. As a veterinary nurse, she tells her former friend Erica that she came unannounced to check on Louie, which gives her an opportunity to meet Maggie as well. After a lengthy conversation, Sue Ann tells Maggie to look after Louie for her since she has apparently formed an attachment with the dog. Maggie realizes that Sue Ann’s concern is really a threat only after the latter departs from the former’s house. She returns to the Thompsons, extracts enormous blood from Louie, and leaves him in the garage likely to die.

However, Maggie sees Louie hurt and in pain soon enough to rescue him from death. She takes him inside and treats him. Although a concerned Erica tries to call Sue Ann, Maggie stops her since she possibly knows that the same person hurt her lovely dog. Since Erica and Maggie do not rush to take him to another veterinary hospital, it is safe to theorize that Louie doesn’t confront death at a short distance the last time the viewers get to see him. Maggie’s decision to not call any other veterinarian also indicates that her dog’s life is not in immediate danger.

However, Sue Ann must have drawn blood from Louie also to kill him. She holds a grudge against Erica for not intervening to help her when Ben and Mercedes hurt her immensely. That can be the reason why she left Louie in the garage to die. When Erica arrives at Sue Ann’s house to save her daughter Maggie, Sue Ann reminds the former that she hurt Maggie because she didn’t do anything to help her. But Sue Ann doesn’t hurt Louie out of grudge alone. She sets out to hurt the dog because she wants to treat Ben as a dog. When they were in high school, Ben made Sue Ann engage in oral sex with a friend of the former by making her believe that she was being intimate with him.

Sue Ann considers the same as an act of an animal, which leads her to inject an animal’s blood into Ben’s body, reminding him what he really is in her eyes. Since she has a grudge against Erica, she chooses Louie as her victim. Despite Sue Ann’s viciousness, Louie most likely survives because Maggie has been attentive to her dog. When she doesn’t see him for a while, Maggie looks for Louie, which seemingly saves Louie from becoming another victim of Sue Ann’s master plan to exact revenge on the people who hurt and ignored her.

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