‘Dream Space’: Harris Dickinson to Make His Feature Directorial Debut

Harris Dickinson is ready for his next big step! The actor will make his feature directorial debut with ‘Dream Space.’ The project’s filming will start in the United Kingdom in June. The plot of the film is currently under wraps but it deals with the subjects of homelessness and mental health.

Dickinson’s recent roles span various genres. In the mystery series ‘A Murder at the End of the World,’ he portrayed Bill Farrah, whose unforeseen death leads his best friend and amateur sleuth Darby to investigate guests at a remote retreat to unveil the truth behind the mysterious murder. The actor delved into professional wrestling history in ‘The Iron Claw,’ in which he portrayed David Von Erich, who deals with the challenges of fame and family dynamics along with his brothers.

Additionally, Dickinson appeared in projects like ‘Scrapper,’ directed by Charlotte Regan, and ‘Don’t Look at the Demon,’ in which a group of paranormal investigators dives into the eerie mysteries hidden in a house with a dark past.

Dickinson wrote and directed the short film ‘2003,’ which examines the poignant dynamics between a young soldier and his father as they confront long-standing unspoken truths before the recruit’s first tour of duty. He also helmed several other short films, including ‘Drop’ and ‘Surface.’ The actor made his directorial debut with the 2013 short ‘Who Cares,’ starring Ryan Radley.

Dickinson’s forthcoming endeavors include ‘Blitz,’ directed by Steve McQueen. The war film, which also features Saoirse Ronan and Stephen Graham, revolves around a group of Londoners during the British capital bombing in World War II. The actor is also part of the cast of Halina Reijn’s ‘Babygirl,’ in which he stars alongside Nicole Kidman and Antonio Banderas. The erotic thriller centers on a successful CEO’s illicit affair with her younger intern.

The banner behind the project is Devisio Pictures, a production company Dickinson launched with producer Archie Pearch, whose credits include the actor-director’s short film ‘2003.’

Recently released projects that were filmed in the United Kingdom include Alex Garland’s ‘Civil War’ and Netflix’s miniseries ‘Baby Reindeer.’

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