Dreaming Whilst Black Season 2 Starts Filming in London in Spring

Filming for Season 2 of ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ is slated to commence in London in Spring. Adjani Salmon’s creation, ‘Dreaming Whilst Black,’ is a British comedy series that stars him as Kwabena. Working in recruitment, Kwabena harbors aspirations of becoming a filmmaker, with his film school friend Amy (Dani Moseley) by his side as a video producer.

In the season 1 finale, we witnessed Kwabena completing the film production with Amy, though his happiness pales in comparison to hers due to missing Vanessa deeply. At Amy’s suggestion, he decides to call Vanessa, only to find her with another man, leaving him even more disheartened. Meanwhile, the conflicting voices in Kwabena’s mind intensify, one urging him to present an approachable image for white executives, while another expects him to stay true to his roots. Struggling to choose between these internal voices, Kwabena anxiously awaits future opportunities after his film’s premiere. At the screening, he encounters Lewis, instructing him to bring agents to their reserved seats. However, Helen makes a racist remark, unaware of its impact. Despite support from Maurice and Grace, Uncle Claude disapproves due to ideological differences. The film receives a warm reception, prompting Amy to stay in England for unfinished business. After the screening, Kwabena faces an awkward moment when he learns Amy was Adam’s date. Amidst greeters, he worries about missing the agents, but Drew, one of them, offers representation after enjoying the film. However, Uncle Claude questions Kwabena’s exploitation of Dorvin’s trauma for personal gain, leaving him to contemplate whether he compromised his morals for success.

In Season 2 of ‘Dreaming Whilst Black,’ viewers can anticipate Kwabena navigating the complexities of newfound success and the ethical dilemmas that accompany it. As he embarks on his filmmaking journey with representation secured, the season may delve into the challenges of balancing cultural authenticity with mainstream expectations. Kwabena’s personal relationships, especially with Vanessa, could undergo further exploration, adding layers to his character. The narrative is likely to tackle relevant societal issues, offering a poignant and comedic take on the struggles and triumphs of a rising filmmaker of color in the industry.

Most of the main cast members are expected to return for Season 2, including Adjani Salmon as Kwabena, Dani Moseley as Amy, Demmy Ladipo as Maurice, Rachel Adedeji as Funmi, Babirye Bukilwa as Vanessa, Martina Laird as Aunt Polly, Roger Griffiths as Uncle Claude, Jo Martin as Grace, Alexander Owen as Adam, and Muna Otaru as Stephanie.

Filming for the second season is scheduled to take place in London this spring. The city, renowned for its cinematic backdrop, has recently been featured in notable productions such as the Timothée Chalamet-led ‘Wonka’ and the star-studded ‘Argylle’ directed by Matthew Vaughn.

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