Edward Burns to Direct ‘Finnegan’s Foursome’ Next

Edward Burns’ nearly five-year long hiatus from feature filmmaking is coming to an end! The actor, writer, and director will direct ‘Finnegan’s Foursome’ next. The movie’s filming is scheduled to begin in Dublin, Ireland, on July 8. The plot revolves around two middle-aged brothers and their respective sons who travel to Ireland to participate in the Finnegan Family’s annual golf outing, where they plan to scatter the ashes of the family patriarch.

Burns made his mark as an actor with his performance as Private Reiben in Steven Spielberg’s historical war drama ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ He created, wrote, and directed the Epix (presently known as MGM+) series ‘Bridge and Tunnel,’ a dramedy set in 1980 that follows a group of recent college graduates as they pursue their dreams in Manhattan while remaining tied to their working-class Long Island hometown.

Burns’ latest feature is ‘Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies,’ in which he also appeared as Jim. The film delves into the complexities of adulthood as the children navigate their way into grown-up life while their parents confront the realities of middle age. Jim and Jennifer Ehle’s Tina have a nightly routine of drinks and dinner discussions revolving around their children, Frankie and Debbie. Frankie, struggling in his sales job, and Debbie, enjoying her freedom, still reside at home. The tension and affection within the family dynamic reach a tipping point as Tina’s inner desires begin to surface, threatening to disrupt the status quo. Exploring the dynamics between parents and children is a common thread in his works, a theme that appears to be central to the upcoming ‘Finnegan’s Foursome’ as well.

Burns also wrote, directed, and portrayed Jack Flynn in ‘Summer Days, Summer Nights,’ which unfolds during the summer of 1982 on Long Island, where JJ finds himself working for his father and falling for Debbie while Frankie reconnects with a lost love. As the season wanes, so do their relationships, prompting the young men to confront the inevitable end of summer. Additionally, the director made ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas,’ which shares thematic similarities with the forthcoming ‘Finnegan’s Foursome.’ The narrative follows the adult siblings of the Fitzgerald family as they prepare for their estranged father’s return home for Christmas after two decades of absence. Burns starred as Gerry Fitzgerald in the comedy-drama movie.

Dublin has previously hosted the production of Apple TV+’s ‘Bad Sisters,’ which has a narrative similar to that of Burns’ upcoming project. Other recent projects from the region include ‘The Quiet Girl’ and ‘The Wonder.’

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