Is Divorced Dad Suitelets a Real Hotel?

‘Girls5eva’ is a comedy show revolving around four women who used to be a part of a girl group in their youth during the 90s. However, in the present, each member has turned into a washed-up has-been with little influence over pop culture. As such, an opportunity for a reunion knocks on their door when one of their old songs unexpectedly goes viral following its sampling in a rap song. Thus, after overcoming the baggage holding them back, the band members, Wickie, Dawn, Gloria, and Summer, undertake their brand new adventure— a cross-country tour— in the show’s third season.

Consequently, “Divorced Dad Suitelets” is introduced into the plot as the hotel chain with an establishment in nearly every city that Girls5eva arrives at, from Fort Worth to Cleveland. Therefore, if the band’s stay at this eclectic hotel has drawn your attention, you must be curious about its basis in reality.

Divorced Dad Suitelets Is a Fictional Hotel Franchise

Since ‘Girls5eva’ intrinsically delves into a comedic exploration of pop culture— both contemporary and 90s’— the show often equips gag/spoof interpretations of real-life phenomena. For instance, the show features “Business Throne,” a parody of ‘Succession,’ as well as a comical version of ‘The Crown.’ However, unlike these elements, Divorced Dad Suitelets does not possess a real-life counterpart. Consequently, the hotel chain remains a complete work of fiction fabricated for comedic purposes within the show’s narrative.

Essentially, Divorced Dad Suitelets is an establishment for fathers undergoing divorce that has compelled them to leave their homes. For the same reason, the rooms include Do Not Disturb signs with crude jokes and ironic coffee mugs. Likewise, the lobby has a vending machine filled with wrapped gifts that a forgetful father may need for their kids in a pinch. Thus, the entire location is basically built to cater to men who may have hit rock bottom as a result of their marriage’s end.

Given the hotel’s novelty idea, Divorced Dad Suitelets is a fairly cheap alternative, earning itself the title of the designated residence for Girls5eva during their lackluster tour. Thematically, the hotel’s hopeless and resigned environment feeds into the band’s narrative as they struggle to perform any glamorous shows as they once did in their youth. Due to the same, the band’s initial stay at the hotel fuels Dawn’s motivation to push the band to its limits.

As a result, the fictitious hotel ends up holding some narrative significance within the show. Nevertheless, it shares no resemblance to any real-life establishments. Instead, it simply equips the general perception of divorced fathers who lose custody over their kids— as lonely, forgetful, and jaded individuals— for a comedic element. In real life, no such establishment or hotel chains exist. Therefore, Divorced Dad Suitelets ultimately remains cemented within the fictional confines of ‘Girls5eva.’

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