Killing All My Sisters: Is the Lifetime Movie Based on a True Story?

In Lifetime’s ‘Killing All My Sisters,’ we enter the dark world of an elite sorority of a prestigious university through the perspective of two best friends — studious Emily and talented tennis player Jenna. When both of them get the opportunity to enter the university of their dreams, their excitement knows no bounds. However, when Jenna gets selected by an elite sorority, her longtime friendship with Emily faces a few complications. Things get worse when Jenna suddenly vanishes soon after joining the sorority.

In an attempt to get to the truth about Jenna’s disappearance, Emily takes matters into her own hands and sets off on a mission to save her. During her investigation, she uncovers some dark and deep secrets related to the sorority. Helmed by Haylie Duff, the mystery drama film features impressive performances from a group of talented actors, including Isabella Carlsen, Muretta Moss, Grace Patterson, and Muguet Del Toro. The sorority house serves as a facade for the members to carry out some dark deeds, something which is quite common in the real world as several individuals or organizations function in the same way.

Killing All My Sisters is Not Inspired by Real People

While some aspects might seem like a reflection of reality, ‘Killing All My Sisters’ is not based on a particular true story. The suspenseful and gripping tale of ‘Killing All My Sisters’ must be credited to the creative mind of the screenwriter Lori Canevaro, who was also responsible for the script of the 2021 thriller ‘My Terrorized Teen.’ Just as portrayed in the Lifetime movie, sororities tend to have a controversial reputation in real life as over the years, several horrifying cases of bullying, sexual assault, elitism, racism, sexism, and underage drinking, have been associated with it.

Movies and TV shows tend to take things one step further in the name of dramatization, as they portray sorority members as either party animals or murder victims, which is again, not far from reality. So, one of the primary reasons why you might find the theme of the dark side of sororities familiar is that it has been at the heart of the narrative in various films, including the 2009 comedy film ‘Sorority Wars’ and the 2020 thriller movie ‘Sorority Secrets.’ But one of the aptest examples has to be that of the 2017 Shawn Tolleson directorial ‘Deadly Sorority.’

Following a similar plotline as ‘Killing All My Sisters,’ ‘Deadly Sorority’ revolves around two best friends Samantha and Kristina whose friendship gets affected when the latter joins a sorority. Soon, when Kristina gets murdered under suspicious circumstances, Samantha becomes the prime suspect. Now, Samantha, just like the character of Emily in ‘Killing All My Sisters,’ embarks on a quest to search for the one responsible for her friend’s murder. If we take into account all the above-mentioned factors, we can say that even though some plotlines and character traits seem to be inspired by reality, it doesn’t change the fact that the Lifetime thriller is a work of fiction.

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