Is Glassknuckle a Real Gym? Is KEB Global an Actual Boxing Promotion?

In Netflix’s action crime series ‘The Gentlemen,’ Susie Glass’ brother Jack Glass is a boxer who trains in a gym named Glassknuckle. The place becomes the rendezvous spot for Susie and Eddie Horniman, the protagonist in the crime drama. Jack becomes an emerging boxer under the guideship of Henry Collins, who promotes the former through his boxing promotion KEB Global. Even though Jack trusts Henry and remains committed to the promotion, the promoter eventually changes his alliance to team up with Stanley Johnston. A handful of the significant scenes in the series are set in Glassknuckle and Henry’s KEB Global office, which makes them noteworthy!

Glassknuckle is a Fictional Gym

Glassknuckle is not a real gym in England. It is a fictional establishment set up as a part of the storyline of Jack. However, it reminds us of the gym that features in ‘The Gentlemen,’ the 2019 movie by Guy Ritchie and the predecessor of the crime drama. In the film, Colin Farrell’s Coach runs a gym which is very similar to the one in the show. By choosing a similar setting, Ritchie and his team must have wanted to transport the viewers to the world introduced in the film easily. The similarities between the two projects don’t end with the gym.

In the 2019 movie, Michelle Dockery’s Rosalind Pearson, the wife of Matthew McConaughey’s protagonist Michael “Mickey” Pearson, runs a luxury car repair shop. In the show, Mercy runs a car dealership that’s not drastically different from the establishment operated by Rosalind. The gym and the car store can be seen as easter eggs integrated into the narrative of the crime drama for the admirers of the film to enjoy the show. Through these establishments, the series succeeds in connecting to the universe of the source material.

The Inspiration Behind KEB Global

Like Glassknuckle, KEB Global is a fictional establishment as well. However, it is an integral part of the narrative of the series. KEB Global is owned by Henry Collins, who has a good relationship with Susie and Bobby Glass. When Stanley Johnston sets out to acquire the marijuana empire of the Glasses, he seeks Henry’s services. As a businessman, Henry accepts the propositions offered by Stanley and finds the weak link among the Glasses. In the family formed by Bobby, Susie, and Jack, the boxer is the only one he can target. Hurting Jack is the only way for him, or any other character for that matter, to harm Susie and Bobby emotionally.

For someone to hurt Jack, the individual should be a part of his inner circle. Understandably, the boxer doesn’t trust anyone more than his promoter, except for his father and sister, which explains why Henry was conceived as a boxing promoter and how a promotion such as KEB Global is important as far as the overall narrative of the crime drama is concerned.

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