Gravesend Reportedly Renewed For Season 3 at Prime Video

‘Gravesend’ has reportedly been renewed for a third season at Prime Video. The filming of the new season is slated to commence in June in New York. William DeMeo has played a multifaceted role in this production, serving as a writer, director, producer, and portraying the lead character.

In the previous season, we saw Benny recovering in Miami, determined to uncover the orchestrator behind the hit. As life continued in Florida, new families and relationships formed while the Colezzo family encountered peril. Benny’s meetings with the Florida boss and Nicky, the Philly Boss, revealed Cesar’s intentions. Tensions mounted as Benny received information from back home and settled scores. Mikey sought Benny’s aid regarding Sammy, while Attorney General Rudy Giuliani initiated a significant crime bust. Upon his return, Benny confronted Cesar, Donnie, and Joey, reflecting on the past with Tomasso. Amidst rising tensions and tested relationships, Benny confronted Jimmy Beans and took matters into his own hands. The season concluded with an Independence Day celebration, marking the convergence of familiar faces and new relationships amidst ongoing turmoil.

In the upcoming season 3 of ‘Gravesend,’ viewers can anticipate heightened tensions as Benny continues to navigate the complexities of his criminal underworld. With relationships tested and alliances strained, Benny’s quest for vengeance and justice will intensify. As he confronts new adversaries and old rivals, the stakes will be higher than ever before. Season 3 promises to deliver gripping drama, unexpected twists, and pulse-pounding action as Benny confronts the ghosts of his past and fights for his future.

The majority of the main cast members, including William DeMeo as Benny, Joseph D’Onofrio as Johnny Mad Dog, Christopher Mormando as Gaetano, Chris Tardio as Charlie, Sofia Milos as Tina Telva, Gabriella Palminteri as RoseMarie, and Cristian DeMeo as Sammy Taramino, are expected to return to their roles for the third season, although an official confirmation is pending.

Recent productions originating from New York include Prime Video’s ‘Fallout’ and Netflix’s ‘Ripley.’

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