Shetland Season 10 Begins Production in Glasgow in Early 2025

We haven’t seen the last of ‘Shetland’ just yet! Production for ‘Shetland’ season 10 is set to commence in Glasgow in early 2025. The series draws its inspiration from Ann Cleeves’ novels and is brought to life by the adaptation work of David Kane.

In the season 8 finale of ‘Shetland’, all the gripping threads of the series come together in a dramatic culmination. Tosh and Calder, armed with new information about Ellen’s movements on the night of her death, descend upon the Bain farm, uncovering a family in turmoil. As they interrogate each member, secrets come to light, revealing a dark family history. Rory’s revelation about his encounter with Ellen sheds new light on the case, leading to a startling confession from Bobby about his relationship with Ellen. The investigation delves deeper into the Bain family’s past, ultimately uncovering a shocking truth about Ellen’s parentage. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Calder confronts Kieran, who holds the key to solving Ellen’s murder. The finale also sees personal revelations for Tosh and Calder, as they come to terms with their own pasts amidst the investigation’s conclusion.

In the upcoming season 9 of ‘Shetland’, viewers can anticipate a continuation of the series’ strong storytelling as Tosh and Calder navigate the aftermath of the shocking revelations from the season 8 finale. With unresolved tensions and lingering questions surrounding the Bain family, the detectives are poised to delve deeper into the complexities of the case while facing personal challenges of their own. As the investigation progresses, new twists and turns are likely to emerge, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, the series’ signature blend of character-driven drama and atmospheric storytelling promises to deliver another captivating season. However, it’s too early to speculate on the plot for season 10, as its direction will largely depend on the developments of season 9 and the evolving dynamics of the characters and their relationships.

In the anticipated return of ‘Shetland’ Season 9, viewers can expect to see familiar faces returning for their roles, including Ashley Jensen as DI Ruth Calder, Alison O’Donnell as Tosh, and Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson. With the departure of Douglas Henshall, Jensen is poised to step into the lead role. The ensemble cast, featuring Lewis Howden as Billy McCabe, Conor McCarry as PC Alex Grant, Eubha Akilade as PC Lorna Burns, Anne Kidd as Cora McLean, and Angus Miller as Donnie, is also set to make a comeback. However, details about the cast for season 10 remain uncertain at this stage, as they will hinge on the developments of season 9.

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