ITVX’s G’wed Season 2 Starts Filming in Liverpool This Month

The foul-mouthed Liverpudlian teenagers are back for more misadventures this summer! The second season of ITVX’s sitcom ‘G’wed’ is scheduled to commence filming in Liverpool this month. Danny Kenny, who created the series, continues to write the show, with Akaash Meeda slated to return as the director.

In the first installment, Reece, a misbehaving but surprisingly insightful teen, forms an unexpected friendship with Christopher, a newcomer from a posh school who is coping with the loss of a parent. Their bond, developed through shared familial struggles and rebellious school antics, serves as the backbone of the show. Alongside their friendship, the series explores the lives of other classmates from a modern lens as each of the teenagers faces their challenges head-on. The first season ends with a mix of heartfelt moments and cliffhangers, setting high expectations for the continuation.

The upcoming season will likely shed more light on the supporting characters’ lives. Aimee, who deals with her father’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis and finds support in Christopher, is expected to witness more tragic circumstances. Ted, another friend of the protagonist, Reece, goes through the difficult aftermath of heartbreak after discovering that his boyfriend is cheating on him. The final scene of the 6-episode season depicts the newly formed friend group plotting revenge against Ted’s boyfriend, which is unlikely to bring either of them closure, leaving more room for their relationship in the upcoming episodes.

The second season’s returning cast is nearly guaranteed to include Dylan Thomas-Smith as Reece and Jake Kenny-Byrne as Christopher. A debutant, Thomas-Smith has since made appearances in a couple of episodes of ‘The Gathering’ while Kenny-Byrne has worked in the television shows ‘Doctors’ and ‘Endeavour.’

Dominic Murphy and Amber Harrison are also expected to return as Ted and Aimee, respectively, along with Zak Douglas as Mo, Max Ainsworth as Connor, Gemma Barraclough as Mia-Louis, Evie Ward-Drummond as Ella, Malek Alkoni as Ziad, and Leanne Best as Jodie.

Filming the first season in Liverpool ensured the local flavor Kenny aimed for the show. One of the most popular destinations in the United Kingdom, the city previously hosted the productions of ‘The Crown,’ ‘Peaky Blinders,’ and ‘The Batman.’ With the cameras set to capture the second season, fans can look forward to a 2025 premiere.

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