Jason Brooks’ ‘The Death of Snow White’ Begins Filming in Seattle in July

Jason Brooks’ twisted version of the classic ‘Snow White’ tale will unfold in the Emerald City. The filming of the dark fantasy film ‘The Death of Snow White’ will start in Seattle, Washington, this July. Brooks, who is directing this dark reimagining of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale with his own screenplay, has assembled an ensemble that includes Sanae Loutsis as Snow White, alongside himself, Martin Klebba, and Lydia Pearl Pentz.

The plot revolves around Snow White, a young princess who is hunted by her evil stepmother for the former’s heart to gain eternal beauty. Snow White has to overcome the challenges presented by the dark forest and befriends seven murderous little people “who have a thirst for blood and a talent for gruesome killing” to escape from her stepmother.

Alongside Brooks as Huntsman Gunnar and Sanae Loutsis as Snow White, the film will feature Lydia Pearl Pentz as Sophia and Martin Klebba as an undisclosed character. Other cast members announced so far include Leona Britt as Handmaiden, Jonathan Holbrook as Huntsman Kaiser, Tabitha Bastien as Lead Handmaiden, Peter Anthony as Kenneth Slatag, Charles Lawson as Huntsman MacQuoid, and Laura Hunter as Queen’s Handmaiden.

Additionally, the ensemble includes Sharif Ibrahim as Gerald Schultz, Amy DiLorenzo as a Handmaiden, Jason Reynolds as Huntsman Merek, Tristan Nokes as The Prince, Hailey Stubblefield as Inga, Holland Stull as Yvonne, Jennifer Corbridge as Queen’s Nurse, and Carl Covington as Huntsman Beckett.

Brooks’ recent projects include ‘Friday the 13th Vengeance 2: Bloodlines,’ which he co-wrote, directed, and starred in as Jason Voorhees and Louis Carlisle, with Loutsis appearing as Ashley Jarvis. This film combines death, brutality, and creativity in a dark take on the series, themes that resonate with ‘The Death of Snow White.’ He has also directed several short films and recently appeared in ‘Kill Craft’ and ‘Winter Island.’

Loutsis, well-versed in the gory horror genre, recently played Marina Delon in ‘Kill Craft,’ featuring Brooks in a minor role. The plot follows Marina, a straight-A student whose life turns chaotic when her hitman father is killed, leaving her to take over the family business and care for her disabled mother.

Klebba’s recent credits include ‘Modern Arcana’ and ‘1066.’ Pentz’s upcoming projects are ‘The Red Head,’ ‘Ever After,’ and ‘The Wilde Girls.’ Britt’s recent works include ‘The United States of Horror: Chapter 1’ and ‘Rucker.’ On the other hand, Jonathan Holbrook most recently appeared in ‘Retribution’ and ‘The Parish.’

‘Die’ced’ and ‘Friday the 13th: Vengeance,’ both starring Brooks, were also filmed in Seattle recently. The city has become a hub for horror productions, with ‘Malignant’ and ‘The Stairs’ emerging from the region.

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