Hallmark Orders Russell Hainline’s ‘Santa Who?’

Image Credit: Hallmarkies Podcast/YouTube

Hallmark promises an unparalleled holiday slate with the addition of Russell Hainline’s next movie! Moviedelic has learned that the network has ordered the screenwriter’s Christmas television film ‘Santa Who?’ The project’s filming will start in Vancouver, British Columbia, on an undisclosed date. The director and cast of the TV movie are yet to be announced.

Set in the Wisconsin town of Kringle, the TV film revolves around Alan Marcos and Julie Harmening, who enroll in the prestigious Kringle Santa School, where they join an exclusive, high-level program. As a snowstorm blankets the town, they cross paths with an enigmatic figure named Nick, who resembles Santa Claus and suffers from a mysterious case of lost memories. Alan and Julie, intrigued by the possibility that Nick might indeed be the real Father Christmas, take on his caretaker role.

As the narrative progresses, Alan and Julie’s responsibilities at the competitive institute become increasingly challenging as they face a series of demanding tasks. During these trials, for the duo, Nick’s seemingly magical abilities prove to be a source of unexpected inspiration, which only deepens the mystery surrounding his true identity. Through their experiences with the mysterious figure and the teachings of the true spirit of Christmas, Alan and Julie confront all obstacles while growing closer and strengthening their own relationship.

Further spoilers reveal that suspicion around Nick’s true identity intensifies when an ancient sleigh is discovered, raising the stakes. The situation becomes clearer with the arrival of Nick’s wife, who explains his memory loss and his affinity for playing Santa Claus as reasons behind his uncanny resemblance. Despite their final exam, Alan and Julie decide to forgo it in favor of searching for Nick. Meanwhile, the latter continues to spread the principles of Christmas as he watches over his Kringle friends, who are running a Christmas business together the following year.

Hainline, a former public school teacher, began his film career co-writing Lifetime’s 2018 movie ‘Web of Lies’ with Blaine Chiappetta. His recent works include Jeff Beesley’s directorial ‘The Santa Summit’ and Paula Elle’s ‘In Merry Measure,’ which are also Hallmark Christmas movies. ‘Santa Who?’ will join his upcoming holiday-themed rom-com ‘Hot Frosty,’ set to premiere on Netflix, and ‘Three Wiser Men & A Boy,’ another film he scripted with similar themes.

The Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area is one of the prominent filming locations of Hallmark movies. The city’s scenic beauty, film-friendly environment, relatively cold climate, and low population density make it an ideal setting for the network’s holiday-themed films, even outside of winter. The mix of urban infrastructure, cozy suburbs, and snowy wilderness adds to its appeal. Some other productions about to enter the region for filming are the CBC sitcom ‘Snotty Nose Rez Kids‘ and the Hallmark movie ‘This Time Each Year.

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