Hallmark Orders Crystal Lowe’s This Time Each Year; Starts Filming in Vancouver in July

Hallmark is as busy as Santa gearing up for the Christmas season. Moviedelic has learned that the network has ordered the television film ‘This Time Each Year,’ directed by Crystal Lowe. The project’s filming is slated to start in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 15. The plot revolves around a recently separated husband and wife who are compelled to confront their lingering issues when they reunite to celebrate Christmas with their son.

Lowe’s recent directorial work includes the short film ‘After Glow,’ in which she also appears as Jessica. Its narrative follows a woman’s journey as she leaves the adult film industry, striving to build a new life for herself and her daughter in a challenging world. The filmmaker also directed ‘Shifting Gears,’ which centers on Jess, a female mechanic who reluctantly joins a car restoration show. To her surprise, she discovers her ex-boyfriend, Luke, is her primary competitor. As they compete against one another, tensions rise, sparking questions about whether their past romance can be rekindled amid fierce competition.

Lowe’s directorial credits include two more short films. In ‘The Curtain,’ two strangers in a hospital develop an unexpected bond by sharing intimate details about their lives through the safety of the room’s curtain divider. Through moments of grief and humor, they encourage each other to make brave decisions with personal consequences. Additionally, she directed ‘Becoming Sophie,’ which follows a young woman’s journey as she strives to gather the courage needed to pursue her dreams.

Hallmark has several projects in varying stages of production, and one of them, currently being filmed in Vancouver, is the relationship drama ‘His & Hers.’ Directed by Linda-Lisa Hayter and penned by Susan Black and Joie Botkin, this TV movie stars Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott in lead roles. The storyline follows two lawyers whose ostensibly solid marriage is strained when they become adversaries in a high-profile divorce case. As the legal battle escalates into a media frenzy, their personal relationship is pushed to its limits, forcing them to navigate unprecedented challenges both in and out of the courtroom.

‘Homecoming With Mrs. Miracle’ is also on Hallmark’s upcoming slate. Scheduled to begin filming in Victoria, British Columbia, in July, the television film centers on three feuding siblings embroiled in a bitter dispute over their late grandmother’s real estate empire. When tensions escalate to a breaking point, their lives are transformed by the unexpected arrival of Mrs. Miracle, a charming Christmas angel. With her magical intervention and gentle guidance, Mrs. Miracle helps the siblings look beyond their conflicts, guiding them to rediscover the true essence of family, love, and compassion.

Vancouver has served as a filming location for Hallmark productions such as ‘Love, Lights, Hanukkah!’ and ‘A Little Christmas Charm’ in the recent past.

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