Comedy Series High Hoops in Development at CBBC

CBBC is developing the comedy series ‘High Hoops.’ The filming of the project is scheduled to commence in Yorkshire, England, in June. The comedy series, penned by Chris Grady, revolves around the antics and adventures of a girls’ basketball team within the backdrop of a secondary school.

Grady recently contributed to the TV series ‘River City,’ a drama that unfolds within a close-knit Glasgow community. His credits include episodes of ‘Scot Squad,’ a mockumentary comedy series that offers a humorous glimpse into the lives of Scottish police officers across various units. Additionally, he penned the TV movie ‘Gary Goes to Hollywood,’ in which Greg McHugh’s alter ego Gary McLintoch explores the experiences of Scots who have moved to Los Angeles for a taste of the glamorous lifestyle. The screenwriter’s portfolio includes contributions to shows such as ‘Anna & Katy,’ ‘Only an Excuse?’ ‘Gary: Tank Commander,’ ‘Them from That Thing,’ and ‘Comedy Lab.’

BBC Children has introduced a forthcoming lineup for CBeebies and CBBC, which includes the fifth season of Studio AKA’s ‘Hey Duggee’ and its new spin-off ‘Hey Duggee’s Squirrel Club.’ For the younger audience, the network has ordered ‘Mojo Swoptops,’ a charming production by Blue Zoo and Tararaboom, which showcases a little truck with the magical ability to “SWOP her TOP!” using her unique “‘cardrobe’ of swoptops.”

Adding to the roster is ‘Rafi the Wishing Wizard,’ which will offer a glimpse into the extraordinary household of modern-day wizards, brought to life by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions. The announcement reflects BBC Children’s commitment to delivering engaging and imaginative content for the enjoyment and enrichment of young viewers on both CBeebies and CBBC.

Catering to older children, upcoming original dramas encompass the second series of ‘A Kind of Spark,’ crafted by 9 Story Media Group. Additionally, ‘Odd Squad’ makes a return, now a co-production between Sinking Ship Entertainment and BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions, shifting its filming location to Manchester. The fresh series, titled ‘Odd Squad UK,’ promises a brand-new realm of peculiarities while introducing a group of agents portrayed by a predominantly British cast and exclusively filmed within the UK. The resurgence of ‘The Famous Five’ in a trilogy of feature-length episodes is also on the horizon. The first installment, directed by Tim Kirby, is scheduled to premiere during the festive period.

Yorkshire, the main filming location of the series, has previously hosted the production of Netflix’s ‘Bodies’ and ITV1’s ‘The Long Shadow.’

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