Is Two Irish Hearts Based on a Real Book?

‘Irish Wish,’ the Netflix rom-com revolving around a magical turn of events that occur during a wedding in scenic Ireland, follows the story of Madeline “Maddie” Kelly, the bridesmaid at the event. Maddie has been pining after her co-worker, Paul Kennedy, for years, hoping that the man would notice her someday. Nonetheless, that day never arrives, and Paul ends up marrying Maddie’s best friend, Emma. As a result, a misguided wish made in a magical corner of Ireland rewrites Maddie’s life, presenting her with an impossible situation and an impossible choice.

Within this fantastical tale of love and friendship, Maddie also undergoes a transformative journey in her career— as Paul’s book editor— and learns to believe in her own skills and talent. As such, Maddie’s career and involvement in Paul’s novel, “Two Irish Hearts,” may compel some people to question the connections between the book and real life.

Two Irish Hearts Is a Fictitious Detail

Within the fictional confines of ‘Irish Wish,’ “Two Irish Hearts” similarly remains a work of fiction that does not exist outside of Janeen Damian’s rom-com. The book occupies a significant role within the film by driving the plot forward and helping it arrive at certain instances. Yet, the book remains critical to the narrative, cementing itself as a handy plot device within this fantastical story.

Within the film, “Two Irish Hearts” is a book by Paul Kennedy, which follows a fantasy story set in Ireland, as suggested by the title. Paul belongs to a lucrative family name and has no difficulty claiming complete credit for the novel. Yet, he isn’t the sole creator behind it. In fact, Paul’s editor, Maddie Kelly, wrote most of the book, adding everything that makes it a bestseller. Nonetheless, since Paul’s name offers effortless publicity to the book, it remains credited to him.

Furthermore, due to Maddie’s misplaced feelings for Paul, the woman remains blinded to her mistreatment, affirming Paul’s farcical involvement in the novel. Thus, the book becomes the perfect tool to represent Maddie’s drive and agency as a character. Consequently, by the film’s end, Maddie’s feelings toward the book directly showcase her confidence in her own skills as she asserts ownership over her work— at least in words.

For the same reason, “Irish Hearts” remains intrinsically connected to the film’s plotline. Moreover, from the basic understanding of the book’s plotline, the story also shares a narrative resemblance with the tale that unfolds on screen within the film. In that regard, the book also becomes a self-referential detail. Nonetheless, much like ‘Irish Wish’ itself, “Two Irish Hearts” also has no basis in reality. Ultimately, it’s a fictionalized book, with no real-life counterpart, added into a fictional story to help move the plot along.

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