Jacob Tremblay’s House of Stairs Starts Filming in Montreal in December

The filming of Jacob Tremblay-starrer ‘House of Stairs’ is all set to begin in Montreal, Québec, in December this year. The sci-fi thriller film is based on William Sleator’s 1974 novel of the same name and follows five 16-year-old orphans, who find themselves in a bizarre structure of infinite stairs devoid of any walls, ceilings, or floors in a dystopian America. The teenagers must work together to find an exit while dealing with each other’s contrasting personalities in the absence of any privacy.

Montreal, where the shoot is set to take place, offers a variety of backgrounds, from historic architecture to modern urban settings. That is why the city is able to host the production of diverse projects and has previously served as a filming location for ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,’ ‘To Catch a Killer,’ ‘Scream VI,’ ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ ‘John Wick: Chapter 2,’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’

The film is helmed by Wi Ding Ho based on a script by Matthew McInerney-Lacombe. Wi Ding Ho is known for directing the sci-fi drama ‘Cities of Last Things,’ which won the Platform Prize at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. Earlier in 2010, his debut film ‘Pinoy Sunday’ earned him the Best New Director Award at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards. The filmmaker’s other credits include the Taiwanese films ‘Beautiful Accident’ and ‘Terrorizers.’

Tremblay is currently the only cast member announced for the project. The actor made his film debut with the 2013 film ‘The Smurfs 2’ and went on to portray Jack Newsome in ‘Room,’ earning critical acclaim and several awards. He further gained recognition for his performances in ‘The Predator,’ ‘The Book of Henry,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ and ‘Burn Your Maps.’ The actor is also known for his voice roles as Flounder in ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Elmer Elevator in ‘My Father’s Dragon,’ and Luca Paguro in ‘Luca.’

‘House of Stairs’ is produced by Band With Pictures, Rumble Fish Productions, and 10.80 Films. The film’s sale is handled by The Veterans, Independent Film Group, and Anonymous Content’s sales and finance division, AC Independent. The producers include Michael Solomon from Band With Pictures, Alexis Perrin from Rumble Fish Productions, and Benoit Roland from 10.80 Films.

Michael Solomon and Alexis Perrin released a joint statement during the announcement of the film, through which they said, “William Sleator’s books have inspired generations of young readers. We are honored to be taking ‘House of Stairs,’ the first adaptation of his work, to the big screen. With Wi Ding Ho’s cinematic vision and Matthew McInerney-Lacombe’s screenplay, building on the ever-expanding universe of Sleator’s novel, we have a vehicle to thrill and entertain. We also look forward to casting the next generation of talents around Jacob Tremblay.”

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