Jeanette Nordahl’s ‘Beginnings’ Starring Trine Dyrholm Starts Filming in Denmark

Jeanette Nordahl’s marriage drama ‘Beginnings’ has commenced filming in Fyn, Denmark. It has already been confirmed that Trine Dyrholm and David Dencik will star in the movie. The plot centers on Thomas and Ane, a married couple undergoing a divorce but keeping it secret from their children. Their plans are upended when Ane suffers a debilitating stroke, prompting them to reevaluate their relationship and face the challenges of their altered future together.

Nordahl recently directed multiple episodes of the series ‘Drømmeren,’ which depicts an author’s journey from adversity to literary acclaim after returning to Denmark from East Africa. She also helmed episodes of ‘When the Dust Settles,’ a drama series that delves into the lives of eight individuals profoundly affected by a terrorist attack in Copenhagen.

Nordahl directed the thriller ‘Wildland,’ which explores a family’s involvement in violence and crime following a tragic loss. Her directorial credits also include the short films ‘Nylon,’ portraying familial tensions during a wilderness retreat, and ‘Waiting for Phil,’ depicting a funeral director’s personal grief and reconciliation with his estranged daughter.

Dyrholm portrayed Queen Anne in the historical miniseries ‘Mary & George.’ In ‘Birthday Girl,’ she starred as Nanna, who invites her daughter and her friend to celebrate a birthday cruise that quickly turns into a nightmare. Dyrholm appeared as Gwen in ‘The Almond and the Seahorse,’ in which a woman navigates the challenges of re-imagining a future after a traumatic brain injury. Additionally, she played the titular character in ‘Erna at War,’ depicting a woman who disguises herself as a man to protect her son during World War I.

Dencik took on the role of Lars Norén in the miniseries ‘Smärtpunkten,’ in which the playwright’s controversial play ‘7:3’ blurs the line between reality and fiction, sparking debates on rehabilitation and safety. In ‘Huset,’ he portrays Henry, one of four prison officers facing upheaval as they strive to keep their jobs while navigating the complex dynamics of prison life. The actor appeared in Lukas Moodysson’s ‘Together 99,’ a comedy-drama film that follows a diverse group of individuals from a former commune as they reunite in 1999, reflecting on past connections and changes. His other acting credits include ‘Vuxna människor’ and ‘Attachment.’

‘Speak No Evil’ and ‘Riders of Justice’ are a couple of other prominent projects that were previously filmed in Fyn, Denmark.

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