RZA’s One Spoon of Chocolate Back in Development; Begins Filming in Atlanta Next Month

After over a decade, RZA’s ‘One Spoon of Chocolate’ is back in development. The project is scheduled to begin filming in Atlanta, Georgia, next month. In addition to helming the movie, the actor-rapper also wrote the screenplay.

The plot revolves around a young Black man who has to readjust to life in rural Ohio after serving time in prison and losing a family member under suspicious circumstances. “He finds himself in conflict with the town’s overtly racist populace as their underground dealings come to light,” reads the official logline.

RZA talked about the movie way back in 2012. “It’s called ‘One Spoon of Chocolate’ and I’m about 45 pages in. It’s actually a romantic tragedy. It’s real provocative. If it gets made it will incorporate consciousness, love, and awareness,” he told EW.

As far as RZA’s previous credits are concerned, he co-created and helmed episodes of the Hulu show ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga,’ a chronicle of the Wu-Tang Clan’s formation that delves into Bobby Diggs’ vision of bringing together young Black men struggling between music and crime, culminating in their unforeseen rise to prominence. He also served as the series’ showrunner. The filmmaker also directed the movie ‘Cut Throat City,’ which follows four childhood friends reluctantly embarking on a perilous heist in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His credits include the musical drama film ‘Love Beats Rhymes,’ featuring Azealia Banks, Jill Scott, Lucien Laviscount, and Common, depicting the journey of a struggling rapper finding her voice.

RZA directed an episode of Marvel Studios’ ‘Iron Fist.’ He co-wrote and directed the Russell Crowe and Cung Le-starrer ‘The Man with the Iron Fists,’ which follows a humble blacksmith defending his village in feudal China from warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier all seeking a legendary treasure of gold.

It is yet to be known whether RZA will star in the upcoming film. As a performer, he appeared as Andrew Johnson alongside Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth in the action thriller ‘Poker Face,’ in which a tech billionaire’s high-stakes poker game among friends unfolds with revelations of long-held secrets and an intricate revenge scheme, compounded by a break-in by thieves. His diverse repertoire includes contributions to projects such as ‘The Tiny Chef Show,’ ‘Clean,’ ‘Nobody,’ and ‘Life in a Year.’

Atlanta, the region renowned as “Hollywood East,” will host the shooting of the movie. The city is also a significant location of ‘Civil War’ and ‘BMF.’

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