Knuckles: Is Ice Cap Ski Resort a Real Place?

Knuckles the Echidna goes through a journey of a lifetime in Paramount+’s ‘Knuckles’ as he makes some unexpected new friends and battles dangerous enemies who test the limits of his powers. The series picks up after the events of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ and sees Knuckles trying to live with the Wachowski family, though the task is made trickier due to his lack of understanding of the human world. Just as he is about to be bored out of his mind, he is offered the chance to go on a quest that will take him to all sorts of places. One of them in the Ice Cap Ski Resort. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Fictional Resort Becomes a Battleground for Knuckles

Creating something like ‘Knuckles,’ which is full of action and adventure, requires filmmakers to resort to using fake locations to shoot the scenes. In the TV show, a lot of real places have been captured on the film. However, in the scenes where a lot of fights take place, the creators resorted to using sets designed specifically to cater to the filming requirements of the scene. The same holds for the ski resort that appears on the show.

Rogue G.U.N agents Willoughby and Mason use the resort as a pit stop. They set their eyes on Knuckles in the hopes of winning the bounty on his head. After catching him off guard at the bowling alley and somehow, against all odds, capturing him, they take him to the resort, which is entirely empty. They set camp there, waiting for their employer to show up and pay the bounty before they leave the place and move on.

The resort looks like a cozy place, but as Wade Whipple launches a rescue operation, a deadly fight ensues between him and the G.U.N agents, and a lot of things, including a few of Whipple’s bones, are broken. The extensive fight scene requires a lot of breaking of the stuff in the resort, with it being almost inundated by the end of the fight. Considering this, of course, the creators of the show were required to build a set according to the scene’s specifications.

A lot of set scenes in the show took place in Buckinghamshire, London, at the Pinewood Studios, because this is where they took care of the animation as well. So, it is safe to assume that the cast and crew of ‘Knuckles’ headed across the pond to shoot the scenes that are supposed to be taking place in the state of Montana in the US.

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