Le Monde De Gabrielle Roy Renewed For Season 3 at ICI TOU.TV

Gabrielle Roy’s expeditions will continue to be an integral part of ICI TOU.TV’s drama slate. The VOD platform has renewed ‘Le Monde De Gabrielle Roy’ for its third season. The shooting of the third installment will begin on May 16 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and will last until June 21. As in previous seasons, Renée Blanchar has been writing the episodes.

So far in season 2, we have seen Gabrielle embarking on her first teaching assignment in a remote village while her mother, Mélina, grapples with family financial struggles. As Gabrielle navigates her new life, she experiences her first romance but feels a sense of displacement. While attending a theater performance in Winnipeg, Gabrielle and her friend Léa meet theater professionals, leading to unexpected invitations and decisions. Meanwhile, tensions rise within the family, particularly between Gabrielle and her sister Clémence. Gabrielle pursues literary training, causing further discord with her family. As the theater troupe achieves success and heads to Ottawa, Gabrielle receives shocking news from her mother.

The show’s third season takes place mainly in Europe, from autumn 1937 to 1939. In 1937, while crossing the ocean in 3rd class, Gabrielle Roy arrives in France in hopes of perfecting her acting talents. But Paris does not suit her as she quickly leaves the French city for London, where she finds her true love with the mysterious Stephen Davidovich. This is the love that destroys her, yet builds the author within her. Twenty months after leaving Canada, at the dawn of the Second World War, as the conflict in Europe escalates, Gabrielle Roy returns home.

The ensemble lineup of the third season largely hinges on the rest of the episodes of the ongoing season 2. Nevertheless, viewers can anticipate Martine Francke as Melina Roy, Romane Denis as Gabrielle Roy, Marie-Ève Fontaine as Clémence Roy, Lilà Paquette Mourmant as Pauline Boutal, and David Giguère as Arthur Boutal to feature in the third installment.

The series is primarily filmed in the picturesque regions of Saint-Pierre-Jolys and Winnipeg. In recent times, Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba province, has served as the backdrop for projects like ‘Ordinary Angels’ and the Woody Harrelson-starrer ‘Champions.’

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