Archie Madekwe and Théodore Pellerin Cast in Alex Russell’s Lurker

Archie Madekwe and Théodore Pellerin are set to star in Alex Russell’s ‘Lurker.’ The filming of the project will start in California on an undisclosed date. Russell also wrote the screenplay of the movie.

The film revolves around Matthew, a 22-year-old working at American Rag in Los Angeles who feels lonely and unsuccessful while living with his grandma and struggling to make friends. His life takes a turn when he meets his idol Oliver, a rising music artist, by cleverly playing the latter’s favorite song in the store to grab his attention. Impressed by Matthew’s music knowledge, Oliver invites him to a concert, only for Matthew to get introduced to the artist’s crew.

As the plot progresses, despite initial skepticism, Matthew gains the trust of Oliver and his crew and starts filming a documentary about the artist, which boosts his own popularity. However, when Matthew invites his coworker Jamie to an event, and Jamie becomes more favored, the former’s jealousy leads to a sabotage attempt that ultimately exposes him as a crazed fan, jeopardizing his relationship with Oliver and forcing him to find a way to regain his idol’s trust.

Madekwe’s recent roles include Farleigh Start in ‘Saltburn’ and Ivo in the Netflix action thriller ‘Heart of Stone.’ Additionally, he appeared as Jann Mardenborough in ‘Gran Turismo,’ which revolves around the remarkable true story of a team comprising a struggling gamer, a failed race car driver, and an idealistic motorsport executive, who collectively take on the elite world of motorsport against all odds. His other credits include ‘Beau Is Afraid,’ ‘See,’ and ‘Voyagers.’

Pellerin portrayed Simon in ‘Solo,’ which delves into Simon’s challenges with two intricate relationships: a tumultuous infatuation with Oliver and a strained connection with his mother Claire, who has returned home after a 15-year absence. The actor has also showcased his talent in projects such as ‘Beau Is Afraid,’ ‘Pour toi Flora,’ and ‘Continental Drift (South).’

Russell has experience both behind and in front of the camera, having directed episodes of the series ‘S.W.A.T.,’ in which he also portrayed Officer Jim Street. Additionally, he has directed two short films: ‘Come Correct’ and ‘Love and Dating in LA!’

California, the principal location of the movie, earlier hosted the shooting of Hulu’s mystery series ‘Death and Other Details’ and Academy Award-winning biographical drama ‘Oppenheimer.’

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