Matilda De Angelis Cast in The Stranger; Starts Filming in Italy Next Month

Matilda De Angelis is set to star in the drama film ‘The Stranger.’ The filming of the feature film is set to commence in Italy next month. Paolo Strippoli is directing the movie based on a screenplay he wrote with Salvatore de Chirico.

The plot revolves around Anna, who unexpectedly appears at her 28-year-old daughter Alice’s doorstep to disclose that their entire family history is based on a lie she concocted, alleging a pact with a mysterious Stranger to save the latter’s leg after an accident two decades ago. Anna insists that this agreement has triggered a series of calamitous events over the years. Now, she implores Alice to assist in setting things right, but the cost of doing so remains ambiguous. In this narrative, which weaves together elements of the Faustian saga and a Greek tragedy, a mother’s clandestine deal unfolds as a twenty-year-long family epic, spanning from an accident in a villa in Bari to the apocalypse.

Matilda recently portrayed Lidia Poët in ‘The Law According to Lidia Poët,’ which depicts the true story of Italy’s first female lawyer fighting against legal restrictions. In ‘Robbing Mussolini,’ she took on the role of Yvonne, a member of a group orchestrating a daring heist of a treasure belonging to Benito Mussolini. Her recent projects also include roles in ‘Across the River and Into the Trees,’ ‘Leonardo,’ and ‘A Bookshop in Paris.’

Paolo Strippoli has recently ventured into the realm of horror as both a co-writer and director. His work includes ‘Flowing,’ a thriller set in Rome in which mysterious steam emanating from manholes triggers unexpected consequences for those who inhale it, unleashing their suppressed emotions and darkest instincts. Additionally, Strippoli co-wrote and co-directed ‘A Classic Horror Story,’ following five carpoolers who find themselves stranded in a sinister forest after a car accident, stumbling upon a terrifying cult in a secluded wooden house.

Salvatore de Chirico wrote and directed the short film ‘Story of Your Life’ with Strippoli. The narrative of the short delves into the life of Tommy, presenting his experiences through recorded memories and stories that span over eighty years, reflecting a universal yet singular journey. De Chirico’s repertoire also includes contributions to projects such as ‘Tech.Emotion – Empower Human Potential,’ ‘Palla di Pelo,’ and ‘Senza Tenere Premuto.’

Italy is an iconic filming destination in Europe. The country most recently provided the backdrop for projects such as ‘Dune: Part Two’ and ‘Immaculate.’

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