Mont-Rouge Renewed For Season 2 at ICI TOU.TV EXTRA

The dark clouds over the coastal town of Mont-Rouge will not disappear in the near future! ICI TOU.TV EXTRA has renewed the police crime-drama series ‘Mont-Rouge’ for its second season. The sophomore installment’s filming is set to commence in New Brunswick on an undisclosed date. Pierre-Marc Drouin continues to serve as the writer, along with director Jim Donovan, who will helm the episodes.

In the first season of the show, life in the tranquil coastal town of Mont-Rouge in New Brunswick is disrupted by the savage and inexplicable murder of Tim, a prominent community member. Patrolwoman Manon and Inspector Luc immediately clash as they embark on the investigation. As Luc introduces Manon to the role of detective sergeant, the list of suspects grows, with the leads pointing toward the Town Halt, the mayor’s restaurant, and a hub of illicit activity. Following a shooting at Town Halt, the police force mobilizes to find the fugitive couple while Manon conducts her first interrogation.

As the investigation progresses, Manon and Luc believe the murderer is linked to the local mansion, revealing several suspicious individuals with hidden secrets. They deduce Tim was lured into the forest and killed by an accomplice, but the identity of the suspect duo remains unclear. As the noose tightens around brothers Raphaël and Thierry, Manon and Luc discover Sandrine might have planted false clues to mislead the investigation, raising the question of whom she was trying to protect.

In the upcoming season of ‘Mont-Rouge,’ we can expect the tension to escalate as Manon and Luc delve deeper into the town’s dark secrets. With the mystery of Tim’s murder unresolved and new clues pointing to a broader conspiracy, the duo will likely face increased challenges and more complex suspects. As they untangle the web of deceit surrounding the mansion and the Town Halt, the true motives of the community’s members may come to light, revealing hidden alliances and unexpected betrayals.

The cast of season 1 included Karen Chiasson as Manon Daigle, Norman Daneau as Luc Doiron, Christian Essiambre as Christian Babineau, Monique Spaziani as Agnes Murray, Tanya Brideau as Sandrine Pelletier, Frank Schorpion as Tim Coffman, and Josiane Benoit as Joanna Arseneau. The rest of the main cast members are Florence Brunet as Laurence Cameron, David Losier as Maurice Cameron, André Roy as Armand Saulnier, Samuel Gauthier as Raphaël Beaupré, and Gabriel-Vincent Deslauriers as Thierry Beaupré. While an official word is awaited, most of the prominent cast members are expected to feature in the second installment.

New Brunswick also hosted the shooting of the show’s first season. ‘Notre Dame de Moncton’ and ‘Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille’ are two of the other projects shot in the province.

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