Lifetime’s My Husband’s Killer Affair: Is it a True Story?

Directed by Roxanne Boisvert, ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair’ narrates the tale of a family hiring a nanny who has an affair with the husband while involved in a conspiratorial plot to take their fortune. Busy with work, Michelle Clark and her husband hire a live-in nanny, Melissa Juneau, to take care of things at home. Little does Michelle know that the babysitter is actually under the control of her brother-in-law, Carlton Clark, and reports to him. Carlton is a conniving and greedy man who seeks to rob the family of their wealth, come what may.

To make matters worse, Melissa begins an affair with Michelle’s husband under their roof, blinding him to the danger the family is in. Carlton himself looks to separate the two as he seeks to win over Melissa’s affection for himself. The Lifetime thriller film creates a plot that juggles elements of adultery, intrigue, and conspiracy, generating questions about its real-world inspirations.

My Husband’s Killer Affair Blends Conspiracy, Adultery, and Nanny Tropes

The story for ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair’ features plotlines—an affair with a nanny, a relative seeking to steal a family’s wealth, and a man coveting his sister-in-law—that may individually draw parallels with real events but are completely fictional when combined. Audrey C. Marie penned the script for the movie, which was brought to life under Roxanne Boisvert and her team.

Boisvert has experience directing similar Lifetime films in the past with family scandals, deadly plots, and affairs. ‘Our Mother’s Secret Affair’ sees a family reunion under outstanding circumstances when a girl breaks into the family’s house claiming to be their biological daughter. ‘Would You Kill for Me? The Mary Bailey Story’ is based on real incidents and sees the women of a family coming together to plot the murder of an abusive man. ‘Love Triangle Nightmare’ sees a woman falling for a seemingly perfect man while inadvertently becoming a part of a dangerous love triangle.

While none of the real-life stories match all the plotlines of ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair,’ there are several instances of husbands having an affair with a babysitter that becomes detrimental to the family. Such was the 2015 case of Abigail Murphy, a woman in her late 30s residing in Surrey, England. Abigail and her husband, Ben, worked as project coordinator and IT manager, respectively, and were very busy with their careers.

Hoping to ensure full-time care for their young children, they hired an au pair in her 20s, Anna. Abigail felt that she had plain looks and was very good at taking care of their children, even teaching their daughter some ballet steps. Ben and Anna shared an interest in music and would go to gigs together while Abigail stayed at home, too tired to spend the night out. However, after a day trip to Belgium, she felt that they had developed an affection for each other, and the very next morning, Ben ended their marriage over text. Anna had been in their lives for 15 months.

Ben said that they no longer had love between them and should end the marriage. When asked about the reason, he confessed that he was in love with Anna. Abigail felt hurt and betrayed, interrogating each of them and planning to move out while insulating the situation from her children. The case of Ben and Abigail had the background of a deteriorating marriage, and the two went their separate ways in a very civil manner, accepting the circumstances and prioritizing their children. While not involving conspiracy and a scheming relative like in ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair,’ stories of husbands having a family-breaking affair with the babysitter are frequently documented.

Furthermore, the dynamics of power and control depicted in the film, with the brother-in-law orchestrating a plot to exploit the family’s wealth, also draw parallels to unfortunately pervasive real-life situations involving familial conflicts over inheritance and assets. ‘My Husband’s Killer Affair’ is a work of fiction with themes and plot points that may resonate with some news stories and family realities.

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