Lucy Hale’s ‘My One And Only’ Begins Filming in New Jersey in July

The shooting of Lucy Hale-starrer ‘My One And Only’ will start in New Jersey in July. Wayne Kramer is directing this psychological thriller based on his own screenplay.

The plot revolves around Molly, a young woman who has recently lost her husband and is overwhelmed with grief to the point of contemplating suicide. Her world takes a dark turn when she is abducted by a man who is determined to transform her into a replica of his deceased wife. This traumatic experience awakens a newfound determination within Molly to fight for her survival and reclaim her autonomy.

Kramer helmed ‘Pawn Shop Chronicles,’ an anthology featuring stories involving meth-addicted white supremacists, a man searching for his kidnapped wife, and an Elvis impersonator. Additionally, he wrote and directed ‘Crossing Over,’ starring Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta, which explores the challenges faced by immigrants of diverse nationalities striving to attain legal status in Los Angeles. This multi-character narrative delves into various issues such as border control, document fraud, asylum and green card processes, work-site enforcement, naturalization, and cultural clashes, as well as the efforts of the Office of Counter-Terrorism.

Before ‘Crossing Over,’ Kramer directed the action-drama ‘Running Scared,’ which follows Joey Gazelle’s journey after being tasked with disposing of a gun involved in a botched drug operation. When a neighbor’s child steals the gun and uses it to shoot his abusive father, Joey must track down the child and the weapon before both the police and the mob catch up to him.

Hale’s recent credits include Jane in ‘Which Brings Me to You,’ which revolves around two disillusioned romantics who meet at a wedding and almost engage in a spontaneous hook-up before deciding to take a step back. The actress appeared as Nicole Matthew in ‘Puppy Love,’ a romantic comedy following Nicole and Max, who, after a disastrous first date, decide to avoid each other until their dogs unexpectedly form a connection. Hale played Gina Tucci in ‘Inside Man,’ in which a disgraced police detective seeks redemption by going undercover to expose a violent crime syndicate.

Kramer has commented on the project and Hale’s casting, stating, “Lucy Hale is one of the most gifted actors of her generation, and I’m excited to work with her on this unconventional and terrifying psychological thriller. Audiences are going to see a new side to her with this performance. I can’t wait to bring it to the screen.”

Recently, New Jersey served as the filming location of the mystery thriller ‘Eileen’ and the horror drama ‘I Saw the TV Glow.’

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