Netflix’s Adorazione Has Begun Filming in Sabaudia

Netflix’s new Italian series ‘Adorazione’ has commenced filming in Sabaudia, Italy. The teen drama is based on Alice Urciuolo’s 2020 novel of the same name and follows a group of teenage girls and boys in the city of Latina during a summer that changes their lives forever. Further details about the plot are awaited as of now.

Sabaudia is a coastal town near the city of Latina, where the premise of the series is set. The town is known for its picturesque beaches and oceanfront and has previously served as a filming location for various projects. Films like ‘The Order of Time,’ ‘A Bay of Blood,’ ‘The Story of Piera,’ ‘In the Name of the Italian People,’ and ‘The Family Friend’ were shot in Sabaudia.

The six-episode series is written by Donatella Diamanti, along with Giovanni Galassi, Tommaso Matano, Francesca Tozzi, and Gianluca Gloria. Diamanti is known for writing the screenplay of the 2009 historical drama ‘Purple Sea.’ She has also worked in the television shows ‘Nero a metà,’ ‘Crime Evidence,’ ‘Back Home,’ and ‘Le due Facce Dell’amore.’ Stefano Mordini serves as the director of the series. He has previously helmed the 2021 drama film ‘The Catholic School,’ the 2020 thriller ‘You Came Back,’ the 2018 comedy ‘The Invisible Witness,’ and the 2020 thriller drama ‘The Players.’

‘Adorazione’ stars an ensemble of Noemi Magagnini (‘Ways of Seeing’ and ‘Walk of Shame’), Beatrice Puccilli (‘An Endless Sunday’ and ‘The App’), Giulio Brizzi (‘Time Is Up’ and ‘2 Win’), and Tommaso Donadoni (‘Vivere non è un Gioco da Ragazzi’). The rest of the cast includes Federico Russo (‘Alex & Co: How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents’), Alessia Cosmo (‘Vivere non è un Gioco da Ragazzi’), Barbara Chichiarelli (‘Blackout Love’ and ‘The Good Mothers’), and Claudia Potenza (‘A Small Southern Enterprise’ and ‘The Greatest of All’).

The show also stars Max Mazzotta (‘Freaks Out’ and ‘Tell Me About Love’), Mario Sgueglia (‘There Is a Light’ and ‘Long Live the Bride’), and Ilenia Pastorelli (‘They Call Me Jeeg’ and ‘All You Need Is Crime’), along with Alice Lupparelli, Penelope Raggi, Luigi Bruno, and Federica Bonocore. The series is produced by Roberto Sessa’s Picomedia, the company behind the films ‘The Catholic School,’ ‘The Invisible Witness,’ ‘An Almost Ordinary Summer,’ ‘Husband & Wife,’ and ‘Nowhere Special.’

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