Rest in Peace: What Happens to Sergio’s Dog? Does She Die?

In Netflix’s thriller drama film ‘Rest in Peace,’ an unnamed dog becomes Sergio’s closest companion after he ends up in Paraguay upon faking his death in Argentina for the sake of his family. Even though he nurtures an intimate relationship with the wife of his late boss, Sergio doesn’t hesitate to leave her night after night to take care of his dog. Despite picking the dog up from the street randomly, without any intention to nurture a pet, Sergio grows close to her. However, when he returns to Argentina, he is alone, without his constant companion. Does that mean his beloved dog dies in the movie?

The Fate of Sergio’s Dog

Sergio’s dog doesn’t die, despite her severe illness. As years go by, the canine companion grows old and gets extremely sick. Sergio takes care of her well. He feeds the dog food and medicine regularly to ensure her well-being. He doesn’t even spend nights with his lover since he doesn’t want to leave his dog alone in his place. These actions display the strong bond he nurtures with her. That’s also why parting ways with her becomes immensely tough for him. Regardless of the dog’s illness, she stays alive and Sergio takes her to a veterinary clinic before returning to Argentina.

Sergio may know that he cannot ask anyone else to look after his dog, especially due to her illness. Nobody around him has created a bond with her enough to replace Sergio. His lover sees her as a random animal that just sleeps, eats, and excretes. Therefore, he relies on a veterinary clinic for the well-being of his dog. At the clinic, the dog is expected to receive medicines and food on time with professionals around her to treat her illness. Considering that the people working in the clinic are likely to be empathetic, he thinks that handing her over to the former group is the best thing he can do before separating from her.

Sergio arrives in Paraguay after losing his wife Estela and children Florencia and Mati. He has to settle with a drawing of his son whenever he longs to see the latter. His life becomes empty due to his children’s absence. Sergio’s dog then fills this vacuum and gives him a sense of solace. Even though she is an animal, he loves and takes care of her as his third child, which explains his breakdown after handing her over to the clinic.

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