Song of the Bandits Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

The South Korean Western action show Netflix’s ‘Song of the Bandits’ presents a tale about Korea’s insurgence against the Japanese Empire during the latter’s colonial rule over the Joseon people in the early 1900s. Lee-yoon, a former soldier enlisted with the Japanese army, travels to Gando, a region near Manchuria, where he forms a group of bandits with the help of Choi Chung-so. With nothing left to lose, Lee-yoon and his bandits fight for the protection of their nation and fellow Joseon people. However, a run-in with assassin Eon Nyeon-i and undercover Independence fighter Nam Hee-shin puts the bandits in direct opposition to the Japanese army led by Lee Kwang-il, Lee-yoon’s former friend and master.

The show charts a thrilling path for its characters and infuses its plot with themes of hope and helpless sacrifice in equal measures. As a result, the first season ends on an ambiguous note that is sure to leave the viewers wondering about the story’s continuation in a potential season two. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about the possibility of a renewal for ‘Song of the Bandits.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will There Be a Song of the Bandits Season 2?

‘Song of The Bandits’ premiered worldwide on September 22, 2023 on Netflix. With nine episodes, ranging from 48 to 69 minutes in run-time, the show depicts an earnest and entertaining story about rebellion in the face of oppression. The blend of historical fiction with Western gunslinging themes provides enthralling results and efficiently captivates the audience with its action-filled plot.

As such, thus far, ‘Song of the Bandits’ has received mostly positive reviews, with people praising the show for its well-written, relatable characters and gripping narrative. Nevertheless, no official announcement has come from Netflix regarding the show’s renewal yet. The streaming site’s ultimate decision to pick up the show for another season will likely be made after enough information about its performance among the audience has been gathered. Therefore, the possibility of a ‘Song of the Bandits’ season two relies entirely on viewership and critical review as of now.

Nonetheless, should the show get renewed for another season, the first season-ending certainly leaves enough space for the story to continue. In a lesson on personal sacrifice, the show ends on a bleak note with the Japanese forces knocking on Gando’s doors, carrying intentions to lay waste to the Joseon people in the area. The last episode ends mid-fight with Chung-soo and the other bandits battling the Japanese cavalry, leaving the audience to contemplate the heroes’ fates on their own. The ending, while not unsatisfactory, definitely leaves more to be desired.

As a result, although such an open and inconclusive ending serves the show’s narrative, it also leaves immense scope for a second season. Furthermore, with a continuation, the show will also be able to explore the characters’ interpersonal relationships, affording characters like Lee-yoon and Nyeon-i closure for their respective storylines with Hee-shin and Chung-soo. Therefore, in the event that ‘Song of the Bandits’ gets greenlit for another season, we expect to delve deeper into Nyeon-i’s backstory while Lee-yoon faces the aftermath of Hee-shin and Kwang-il’s relationship.

For the most part, we can look forward to some more in-depth exploration of the political and social implications that Joseon citizens faced under Japanese occupation. However, these plotlines can only come to fruition once Netflix or production companies, including Baram Pictures, Studio Dragon, and Urban Works Media, officially renew ‘Song of the Bandits’ for another season. Should the announcement come in the near future and development for season two pick up shortly after, fans can expect season two to be released sometime in late 2024 at the earliest.

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