Ricky Stanicky: Is The Royston an Actual Bar? Is Chelo’s Hometown a Real Diner?

In Prime Video’s ‘Ricky Stanicky,’ three friends concoct an imaginary friend who becomes their go-to whenever they need someone to blame their wrongdoings on. For their every mischief and every time they need to get out of a situation they can’t without lying, they resort to their dear friend Ricky to make some excuse that saves them all the trouble. Eventually, they are asked to present Ricky, and instead of coming forward with the truth, they decide to pile another lie on top of everything.

The story takes place in Providence, Rhode Island, and some locations in the movie might make the viewer wonder if they are real locations or just some sets created to serve the plot of the film. For those wondering about the diner and the bar that features in the movie, the answer may be surprising.

Chelo’s Hometown and The Royston are Real Places

One scene in ‘Ricky Stanicky’ takes place in a diner called Chelo’s Hometown. It is a real restaurant with eight locations across Rhode Island. Chelo’s Hometown Bar & Grille has been operational since 1955 and is a family-owned restaurant that has developed a regular and dedicated fanbase. Considered one of the most recognizable things in Rhode Island, the restaurant chain is known for its “fresh food, terrific service, and a great value,” which has won the restaurant several awards and recognitions.

The restaurant chain is known to deliver fresh food, made at their commissary in Warwick, every day to their eight locations across the state. Their “pie wagon” can be seen on Interstate 95, transporting the fresh food. Apart from its restaurant services, Chelo’s also offers services through its Banquets and Catering Division, allowing people to hire them for all kinds of occasions.

Chelo’s appearance in ‘Ricky Stanicky’ adds a local touch to the movie, establishing that the events in it are taking place in Providence, Rhode Island. Interestingly, the film was entirely shot in and around Melbourne, Australia. While the exterior of a real-life Chelo’s may have been used in the movie, the interiors, and other scenes were filmed somewhere in Australia.

With Chelo’s, ‘Ricky Stanicky’ places itself in Providence, but there is another location that may confuse the viewers about where the film is set. A couple of scenes in the film feature The Royston bar and restaurant, where Dean, JT, and Wes get together after work to wind down and talk to each other about how complicated their situation has become. The Royston is a real place in Richmond, Australia, and the scenes featuring the place were actually filmed there. Actor Zac Efron was captured filming a scene exiting The Royston, which is described as a “jumping corner pub with a horseshoe-shaped center bar, serving burgers, steaks, and craft beer.” The place also offers things like quiz nights and bar games to keep its customers entertained.

The movie also employs several locations in and around Melbourne to create Providence for the audience but leaves enough for Melbourne and Richmond natives to recognize the locations where the movie was filmed.

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