The Brothers Sun: Are Sure Sure Club and Number One Seafood Restaurant Real Places?

Image Credit: Michael Desmond/Netflix

In Netflix’s ‘The Brothers Sun,’ Los Angeles sees a heavy inflow of the Triad members and a lot of bloodshed in the process. It all begins with Charles Sun, who is prompted by the attack on his father to find his mother and brother. He doesn’t expect the task to be so difficult; he just needs them to do as he asks and keep out of his way. However, they are not so simple to handle. As Charles spends more time in LA, he visits several places, with each of them offering a new side of his estranged family. Are any of those places in the show real? SPOILERS AHEAD

Sure Sure Club and Number One Seafood Restaurant in Alhambra Are Not Real

Sure Sure Club appears in the first episode of ‘The Brothers Sun,’ where Bruce tries to become a drug dealer to make enough money to pay off his college fees. Things turn awry when Charles arrives. There is a lot of action and bloodshed at Sure Sure Club, as things end with an explosion. Luckily, no real location was employed for these scenes, so nothing real had to be blasted off. Sure Sure Club is not a real club in LA. There is an indie band in LA called Sure Sure that has been releasing music since 2014. However, they don’t seem to have any connection with the plot line of ‘The Brothers Sun.’

Image Credit: Michael Desmond/Netflix

Another location becomes important as things start to get out of hand in ‘The Brothers Sun.’ In that episode, Charles and Eileen visit the Number One Seafood Restaurant in Alhambra. Charles finds it a bit odd for a restaurant to have that name, but in truth, it makes complete sense. The title is quite a strategic decision, considering that we live in a world where a lot of people get their food from the Internet. So, if someone was in the mood for some seafood, their most likely search would be “no 1 seafood restaurant.” Guess what the first search result would be in that case?

This strategy has been applied by a lot of real-life restaurants, a lot of them, interestingly, Asian. For example, there is a real-life Shanghai Number 1 Seafood Village in San Gabriel, which is where most of the events of the Netflix series take place. Similarly, there is a restaurant named No 1 Chinese Restaurant in New Jersey. If you go down that rabbit hole, you’ll certainly find more similar restaurants.

It is clear that the creators of the show are fully aware of this trend and know that it is particular to Asian businesses. Considering that the entire writers’ room for the show is Asian-American, it would make sense that someone brought up this tidbit and decided to incorporate it into the show. The only way to do that was to name one of the crucial locations after them.

The title of the place also falls in line with the character of the owner, who is using the place as a front for his illegal activities. He would want to keep things generic but would also like the restaurant to make an actual profit if it’s going to be operational anyway, which is why he would choose something like this to name his restaurant.

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