The Librarians: The Next Chapter Starts Filming in Belgrade This Month

The filming of The CW’s fantasy adventure series ‘The Librarians: The Next Chapter’ is set to begin in Belgrade, Serbia, this month. Dean Devlin serves as the showrunner of the project, which is a spin-off of TNT’s ‘The Librarians.’

The upcoming series revolves around a Librarian from the past who finds himself stranded in the present after time travel. Upon returning to his castle, now a museum, he unintentionally unleashes magic throughout the continent. By forming a new team of Librarians, he then sets out to clean up the mess he made.

The show will feature Callum McGowan, Olivia Morris, Bluey Robinson, and Caroline Loncq, alongside Jessica Green and guest star Christian Kane, who returns as Jacob Stone. It is uncertain whether other members of the original cast will make cameo appearances.

McGowan will portray Vikram Chamberlin AKA the Librarian, the esteemed figure who held the position in 1847. Known for his versatile intellect and adventurous spirit, Vikram defied the protocols of the Library, resulting in his inadvertent transport to present-day Central Europe. Now tasked with overseeing a group of gifted individuals in safeguarding magical artifacts, Vikram faces a pivotal decision: uphold his allegiance to the Library and his newfound team or pursue a return to his own era, where unresolved matters and personal attachments await.

Morris is set to play Lysa Pascal AKA the Scientist, a character marked by extraordinary intellectual prowess. She is an expert in physics, mathematics, and engineering and her childhood trauma drives her quest to eliminate unpredictability from existence. Upon inheriting an ancient castle in Serbia, she crosses paths with Vikram and the Library, subsequently joining his team in a quest to demystify “magic” through scientific inquiry. Yet, beneath her scientific pursuits lies a hidden agenda – Vikram’s enigmatic past holds the potential to unlock the mysteries of her own identity.

Robinson will assume the role of Connor Green, the Historian, whose academic career was derailed after asserting the existence of magic. Reduced to a fringe figure, he disseminates his discoveries online to a niche audience of conspiracy enthusiasts. Possessing an extensive grasp of history and the supernatural, Connor also excels as an extreme athlete and parkour specialist, adept at navigating the clandestine realms of the paranormal. His collaboration with Vikram presents an opportunity to vindicate his claims, although he is bound by a solemn oath never to disclose his knowledge.

Loncq joined the cast to portray Elaine Astalot AKA the Caretaker, who hails from the legendary realm of Camelot during the reign of King Arthur. As an immortal guardian of the Library, she faces the challenging task of maintaining order among Vikram and his team. Despite the chaos, Elaine maintains a composed demeanor reminiscent of a seasoned British landlady, drawing on her vast experiences accumulated over fourteen centuries on Earth.

Green is set to play Charlie Cornwall, the Guardian, who gets an opportunity to be a “special guardian” of the Library temporarily. With her commitment and martial arts skills, she sets out to become a permanent member of the establishment. Kane’s Jacob Stone is a polymath and linguist whose areas of expertise range from world cultures of the past and present to bar fighting.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a filming location of several popular projects, including Rian Johnson’s ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ and CBS’ ‘SEAL Team.’

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