The Teacher Renewed For Season 2 at Channel 5

Channel 5 has renewed the drama series ‘The Teacher’ for a second season. The filming of the upcoming installment has begun in Dublin, Ireland. Mike Benson and Barunka O’Shaughnessy, the creators of the show, continue to serve as the writers, with Dominic Leclerc returning as the director.

In the first season finale, protagonist Jenna Garvey untangles the web of deceit surrounding the false accusation of an affair with a student targeted at her. The unexpected twist unveils Brian, the partner of her friend Pauline, as the orchestrator of the frame-up. Brian is revealed to be the vengeful Arnold Cleary, a former colleague who had faced consequences, including imprisonment and loss of family after Jenna reported him for inappropriate relations with a student. Seeking revenge, Cleary plotted Jenna’s downfall. The episode takes a tragic turn when, during a confrontation with Jenna, Cleary walks into oncoming traffic and is fatally struck by a car.

In the second installment of the show, the viewers can anticipate a continuation of Jenna Garvey’s story as she will likely navigate her life through the aftermath of the shocking events that unfold in the season 1 finale. With Arnold Cleary’s demise and the truth about Jenna’s innocence potentially on the brink of exposure, the latter’s personal and professional lives are expected to change drastically. Jenna’s resilience may be put to the test again as she strives to reclaim her reputation and rebuild her life.

While there hasn’t been an official confirmation yet, the viewers can anticipate the return of the core cast members to season 2. The returnees are expected to include Sheridan Smith as Jenna Garvey, Samuel Bottomley as Kyle Hope, Cecilia Noble as Pauline, and David Fleeshman as Roger Garvey. Ian Puleston-Davies may feature in flashback sequences if Brian’s death will be an integral part of the upcoming installment’s narrative.

The first season of the show was mainly filmed in Budapest, Hungary. Dublin, the upcoming installment’s principal location, previously hosted the shooting of Apple TV+’s ‘Bad Sisters,’ BBC/Hulu’s ‘Normal People,’ and HBO’s ‘Euphoria.’

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