Does Pebbles the Dog Die in The Stranger?

Veena Sud’s thriller film ‘The Stranger’ ends with Clare leaving her dog Pebbles in an animal shelter to supposedly embark on a new chapter of her life. After getting stalked by Carl E. all night, Clare displays signs of exhaustion. She makes him believe that she is done with her life, only for him to abduct her dog from the shelter to increase her misery. After paving the way for the death of J.J., Carl is not expected to show any mercy to Pebbles, especially after learning the gravity of the bond between his target and her dog. However, Clare fights him back not only to save herself but also to rescue Pebbles! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Clare and Pebbles Save Each Other

Pebbles doesn’t die in ‘The Stranger.’ After the death of J.J., Clare realizes that she cannot deal with the threat of Carl E. conventionally, especially when he is cunningly wise enough to predict her moves. That’s why she hands Pebbles over to an animal shelter. She makes him believe that she is parting ways with her beloved dog since she is going to kill herself. Since Clare’s suicide is the predicted move, the stalker finds it easy to believe that he has ultimately won against his target. The belief leads Carl to make his first mistake in the cat-and-mouse game they have been playing all night.

Carl becomes arrogant and believes that he has finally broken the resilience of Clare by seeing her separate herself from Pebbles. What he doesn’t consider is that the cab driver loves her dog enough to live solely for the latter. The arrogance convinces him to abduct Pebbles from the animal shelter without knowing that there is a tracker in the dog, which was attached to the pet by J.J. upon realizing how important the dog is to his new companion. Clare tracks Pebbles and Carl’s location using the tracker and becomes the cat in the game.

After learning the location of Carl, Clare waits for him. When he senselessly drives through a tunnel, she throws the tracking device at his car, only for the vehicle to crash. Carl sustains a severe leg injury, specifically a fractured bone, which stops him from attacking Clare, who just walks to the car and rescues Pebbles from the vicious psychopath. Carl loses the game and becomes the dinner of a pack of coyotes that have been hiding in the tunnel. The film ends with Clare walking away from her stalker and the animals that have started to feed on him with Pebbles on her hands.

Carl underestimates the emotional bond between Clare and Pebbles, which leads to his defeat and potential death. Pebbles, on the other hand, saves Clare even when the cops admit their inability to safeguard her.

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