William Kaufman to Direct ‘Triggermen’ Next

Image Credit: Selig Film News/YouTube

William Kaufman is returning with a female-led action thriller! His next directorial venture, ‘Triggermen,’ will utilize Kentucky as its backdrop. Chad Law and Ian Graham are behind the script of this project.

In this action-thriller, the focus is on a recently widowed woman living on a remote island. Her peaceful existence is disrupted when she discovers a mysterious stranger washed ashore with a gunshot wound. She eventually takes him in and tends to his injuries. However, their tranquility is short-lived as the stranger’s attackers arrive on the island, determined to finish what they started. Now, the woman must fight to protect both their lives against the looming threat.

Kaufman’s most recent work was on ‘Shrapnel,’ a film which was co-written by Chad Law, depicting a former Marine and his wartime companion confronting the Mexican cartel responsible for his daughter’s disappearance. Preceding this, he co-wrote and directed ‘The Channel,’ which revolves around a botched bank robbery that forces a desperate criminal, his uncontrollable brother, and their group of former Marines to flee New Orleans while being pursued by a determined FBI agent. Before that, Kaufman co-wrote and directed ‘Warhorse One’ alongside Johnny Strong. This film follows a Navy SEAL Master Chief, wounded in action, as he guides a child through hostile Taliban territory in Afghanistan to safety. Notably, Johnny Strong also played a leading role in this project.

In his upcoming lineup, he is also involved in the action-packed sci-fi thriller ‘Osiris.’ The storyline follows a group of Special Forces commandos who are unexpectedly abducted during a mission by a mysterious spacecraft. Upon regaining consciousness, they discover themselves hunted by a relentless alien race, setting the stage for an intense battle for survival.

Chad Law’s latest work includes co-writing the script for ‘Lights Out,’ a film depicting a drifting ex-soldier who transforms into an underground fighter with the assistance of a recently released ex-convict. Together, they face off against a crime boss, corrupt cops, and hired killers. Additionally, Law contributed to the screenplays of ‘Til Death Do Us Part,’ ‘The Flood,’ and ‘The Getback.’ He has previously worked with Kaufman on the film ‘Daylight’s End’ as well. On the other hand, Ian Graham is recognized for crafting narratives and characters that revolve around the explosive clashes arising from the intersection of politics, history, and religion.

Kentucky has become a preferred location for action-thriller productions, with recent releases like ‘Red Right Hand’ and ‘Devil’s Revenge’ originating from the region.

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