Hallmark Orders Jason Bourque’s ‘A Reason For the Season’

Image Credit: New Image College/YouTube

A new Hallmark movie about the magic of generosity, gratitude, and community is in the works! The network has ordered the drama TV movie ‘A Reason For the Season’ with Jason Bourque at the helm. The project’s filming is slated to begin on June 17, 2024, in Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

The television film follows the journey of a woman who must return to her quaint hometown to claim her inheritance. The stipulation? She must repay a group of locals for their kindness to her mother on the night of her birth. As she reconnects with her roots, she learns about her family’s past and discovers the heartwarming community whose generosity helped her mother through a tough time.

Bourque is also attached to another Hallmark movie titled ‘A Dad For Christmas,’ which will tell the story of a 12-year-old Sunshine Scout who sets out to find a romantic partner for her mother and targets the attractive owner of a nearby bakery. The filmmaker’s latest directorial release is Hallmark’s ‘A Whitewater Romance,’ a heartfelt romantic comedy that centers on a competitive career woman who rediscovers herself during a business retreat in the Colorado Rockies. He also directed ‘A World Record Christmas,’ which narrates a heartwarming real-life-inspired tale of a boy with autism who works towards breaking a world record on Christmas Eve.

The Lower Mainland area of British Columbia encompasses the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, where many of Bourque’s Hallmark movies are shot, as well as charming smaller cities like Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, and New Westminster. The area is known for its stunning natural beauty as it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the majestic Coast Mountains to the north, offering a spectacular array of scenic landscapes. For ‘A Reason For the Season,’ the region can depict both the bustling city life that the protagonist is accustomed to, as well as the peaceful, close-knit community she reconnects with.

Several Hallmark production crews are rolling cameras in and around the region this season, especially in Vancouver. Filming in the city from June 2024, ‘His & Hers’ is a movie about a lawyer couple whose relationship is tested when they end up representing clients against each other in a divorce case. This month, Lucie Guest’s directorial ‘12 Clues of Christmas’ is also filming in the city. David I. Strasser’s ‘Engaged to be Murdered’ began shooting in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area in May 2024. May also saw David Weaver’s ‘Junebug’ entering production in the region. It is a Hallmark film about an overworked editor rediscovering her inner child and flair for life.

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