Miraculous Brothers Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

The South Korean mystery drama show, ‘Miraculous Brothers,’ follows the story of two men who find themselves caught in the middle of multiple murder investigations across the years through one intriguing book. As an aspiring author with promising talent but no real luck, Yook Dong-joo lives a struggling life riddled with debt. However, one stormy night changes his life when lightning brings him a young, unidentified boy with unknown origins. Blessed or plagued with the ability to feel others’ desperate pain, the boy, Kang-san, comes under Dong-joo’s guardianship. Together, the duo tries to figure out the truth behind a string of murders, alongside helping others through Kang-san’s unique powers.

So far in the show, Dong-joo has been keeping Kang-san’s identity a secret from him in an effort at self-preservation. Nevertheless, the last episode brings an open and honest discussion between the two characters, which results in taut drama. Meanwhile, new possible information comes out in the open about Ha-neul following the discovery of a corpse in the dreaded Lake Sopyung. If you’re curious to see where these discoveries lead, here is everything you need to know about the ending of episode 10. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Miraculous Brothers Episode 10 Recap

After Kang-san discovers the body in Lake Sopyung, he briefly has a vision of the victim’s death as he’s stabbed in the back by a man with cross tattoos. Later, the police retrieve a student ID from inside the coffin-substituting-barrel, citing the body as Ha-neul, Kang-san’s older brother. Even though Kang-san remains oblivious to the same, the day’s intensity catches up to the kid, who breaks down once he returns to the safety of his and Dong-joo’s house.

Despite their previous argument, Dong-joo and Kang-san decide to work together to find evidence against Tae-man and his friends. The duo concludes that in order to do so, they need to find the evidence videotape and the man with the cross tattoos. However, their research on the latter leads them down a traumatic rabbit hole when Kang-san, a recovering amnesiac, unearths painful memories.

During his childhood, Kang-san lived in the Children’s home with his older brother, Ha-neul. The establishment was a waking hell for the kids, who were severely punished in a Room of Repentance. Once, when Kang-san and Ha-neul tried to run away from the place, the head pastor tortured them physically and psychologically to ensure they remained put. The conversation provides a glimpse into Kang-san’s dark past and serves as a significant point in his dynamic with Don-joo.

Meanwhile, things get further complicated for the Police Department as senior officer Byung-Man asserts that there is a mole in his team, feeding information back to Tae-man. Although the team continues to struggle with the murder cases, Park Hyun-Soo connects the dots between Kang-san and Ha-neul with Byung-Man’s help. Nevertheless, Kang-san’s young age leads the detective to assume he must be their lead witness, Ha-neul’s nephew, rather than his brother.

Inversely, Tae-man remains in the dark about Kang-san even after procuring images of the kid outside Dong-joo’s house. Even though the kid retains a sense of familiarity with the chairman, the latter has no idea of the former’s identity. As such, he consults Fortuna CEO Hye-Kyung about it. The woman recognizes Kang-san but maintains a mask of ignorance. Despite the idea’s ridiculous nature, Hye-Kyung realizes that the kid is Kang-san, Ha-neul’s younger brother who went missing 27 years ago. Consequently, she arrives at Dong-joo’s door with an olive branch to asses the situation herself.

Miraculous Brothers Episode 10 Ending: Is Ha-neul Dead Or Alive?

Kang-san’s brother, Ha-neul, has been missing since before Kang-san’s own disappearance. After witnessing the true events that unfolded at Lake Sopyung on the night of the homeless man’s death, Ha-neul tries to come forward to the police to testify in the case as the witness. However, once he relays the information to the detective in charge, Byun Jong-Il, about the video evidence against Tae-man and his friend, Ha-neul acquires a target on his back and has to go into hiding.

Eventually, Ha-neul contacts the only adult he can trust, Yook Chan-Sung, the kind bookstore owner, and passes evidence for the case to him for safekeeping. The chain of events directly feeds into Kang-san receiving the bag and accidentally traveling into the future, where he runs into Dong-joo in 2022.

Nonetheless, Ha-neul remains in the past, still hunted down by gangsters whom Tae-man’s wealthy father hired. While Ha-neul manages to evade Tae-man’s men for a while, they catch up to him in time. The gang leader, Joo Han-Jong, a.k.a. the man with the cross tattoos on his hands, kidnaps Ha-neul and takes him out to a remote warehouse. However, when one of the men tries to choke Ha-neul out, Han-jong intervenes and stabs the nameless gangster in the back with a knife.

A while ago, Han-Jong, assigned the task of catching Kang-san, saw the kid warp into nothingness after a cloud of red smoke engulfed him. As a devout Christian, Han-Jong can only rationalize this experience by crediting it to an act of God. Hence, Han-Jong believes the Lee brothers are God’s chosen men and don’t wish to participate in Ha-neul’s killing. Instead, Han-Jong uses the nameless goon’s body and Ha-neul’s student ID to fake the latter’s death.

Therefore, Ha-neul is definitely still alive, living his life under another identity. Regardless of Kai’s cryptic conversation with Dong-joo, he is likely Ha-neul, who uses Chang-geun as his stolen new identity. His reluctance to meet Kang-san is probably due to his unwillingness to face his brother, a teenager, in the face of his brutal revenge plan. Still, we expect the long-lost brother to cross paths in the near future.

Who is Kang Hye-Kyung?

Kang Hye-kyung, CEO of Fortuna, the elite bar for the wealthy, has been involved in the show’s narrative for quite some time now. Her presence among Tae-man and his group affords her a unique perspective where she can harvest rich men’s secrets through their drunken rants and remain privy to sensitive information. Furthermore, other characters constantly hint at her more significant connection to their past.

On the murderous night at Lake Sopyung, Hye-Kyung was with Tae-man and his rowdy group. Standing on the sidelines, Hye-Kyung watched the boys murder an innocent man. As an illegitimate child born into a wealthy family, now running a bar, Hye-Kyung presents the perfect scapegoat to turn the situation around. Therefore, she remains in their circle now, ensuring she doesn’t end up taking the fall for them when and if the night’s events come to light.

Furthermore, the mysterious woman is hiding another mystery up her sleeve. Hye-Kyung used to be close friends with Ha-neul, whom she had a crush on. Even after Ha-neul went into hiding and cut off contact with Kang-san for his safety, he didn’t cut ties with Hye-Kyung. On the night that Han-Jong kidnapped Ha-neul, Hye-Kyung saw gangsters dragging her friend away.

As a result of her close friendship with Ha-neul, Hye-Kyung seeks Kang-san out once she learns of his existence at Dong-joo’s place. Still, after Dong-joo keeps Kang-san hidden from her, she refuses to show her cards and pretends to be oblivious to his claims of her presence at Lake Sopyung. Nonetheless, under the guise of gifting Dong-joo expensive alcohol, the woman cleverly slips a valuable USB stick to the duo. As episode 10 ends, the contents of the stick remain unrevealed. Still, the information will likely drastically shift the game board.

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