Seth Reiss’ A Big, Bold, Beautiful Journey to be Filmed in Ventura and Riverside

Image Credit: Oscars/YouTube

Seth Reiss’ upcoming movie ‘A Big, Bold, Beautiful Journey’ is slated to be filmed in Ventura and Riverside, California. The film follows David, a 37-year-old New Yorker who attends a wedding downstate in his 1996 Volkswagen Passat with a special GPS feature. At the wedding, David meets and gets attracted to Sarah, also in her 30s, who gives him a cold shoulder and hooks up with another man. The next day, his GPS prompts him to embark on an adventure, leading him to bump into Sarah at a restaurant. The two share a meal and agree to embark on a spontaneous journey together, which turns out to be the trip of their lifetimes.

Image Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

The filming schedule has not been announced yet. However, the production is expected to begin in Ventura and Riverside after the conclusion of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Both cities are situated in proximity to Los Angeles and hence, have easy access to talent and production resources. Ventura has earlier hosted the filming of ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ ‘The Little Things,’ ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day,’ ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ and ‘Pearl Harbor.’ ‘Tenet,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘A Star Is Born,’ ‘Ghostbusters II,’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ are some of the films previously filmed in Riverside.

Reiss penned the screenplay of the film. However, it is not yet confirmed if he is directing the project as well. The writer is known for co-writing the 2022 horror thriller ‘The Menu.’ He has also written multiple episodes of the shows ‘Above Average Presents,’ ‘The Onion,’ and ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Over the years, Reiss has earned five Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series for his work on the comedy chat show ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers.’

As per reports, actress Musu Nandwani essays the role of Sarah in the film, while the rest of the cast remains undisclosed for now. ‘A Big, Bold, Beautiful Journey’ was featured in the 2020 Black List, a list of the best yet-to-be-produced motion picture screenplays of the year. The film is produced by Reiss, Ben Stiller (‘Tropic Thunder,’ ‘Zoolander,’ and ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’), Nicky Weinstock (‘Severance’ and ‘In the Dark’), and Elisabeth Moss (‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Mad Men,’ and ‘The Invisible Man’).

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