Is Lorraine Everly a Real Actress? Is The Winds of Change an Actual Movie?

In the fourth episode of Apple TV+’s mystery series ‘Sugar,’ John Sugar is invited to the screening of the movie ‘The Winds of Change,’ starring Lorraine Everly, to meet his client Jonathan Siegel. Since Sugar is an ardent admirer of Lorraine, he doesn’t miss the chance to see the film on the big screen. As the episode progresses, a scene from the classic is also shown in the series. Considering that the show is filled with scenes from Hollywood classics, ranging from Rita Hayworth-led ‘Gilda’ to Fritz Lang’s ‘The Big Heat,’ one can’t be blamed for believing Lorraine and her film are real. However, that isn’t the case!

Lorraine Everly and The Winds of Change Are Fictional

Lorraine Everly is a fictional actress who headlines the cast of ‘The Winds of Change,’ a made-up movie conceived for ‘Sugar.’ The performer and her movie are created to incorporate them into the show’s narrative, especially since her costume in the film leads John Sugar to unravel the mystery behind the explicit polaroids of Rachel Kaye. The scene from the classic is masterfully incorporated into the episode, along with several other scenes from real movies such as Carol Reed’s influential and legendary film noir ‘The Third Man’ and John Carpenter’s science fiction horror film ‘The Thing.’

Actress Ruby Lewis Plays Lorraine Everly in Sugar

Ruby Lewis, who portrays Connie in Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex,’ plays Lorraine in the mystery drama. Lorraine is introduced in the show as the wife of Jonathan Siegel, a well-regarded producer of Hollywood classics. Together, they shared twenty-three years of married life and made six films. Likewise, several actresses from Hollywood’s golden era tied the knot with their creative collaborators. Lucille Ball, a five-time winner of Primetime Emmys, married Desi Arnaz, who co-produced and starred in her series ‘I Love Lucy.’

The iconic Ingrid Bergman married Roberto Rossellini in 1950 and went on to star in the acclaimed filmmaker’s five films, ‘Stromboli,’ ‘Europe ’51,’ ‘Journey to Italy,’ ‘Fear,’ and ‘Joan of Arc at the Stake.’ Joan Bennett, who graced the screens to deliver several femme fatale characters, was married to Walter Wanger, who produced her ‘The Woman in the Window,’ ‘Secret Beyond the Door,’ and many more. To make Lorraine more believable, she is presented as a blonde actress. Actresses with similar appearances ruled Hollywood’s golden age, especially considering the fame of Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly, and Jayne Mansfield.

Monroe, Harlow, Kelly, and Mansfield star in several melodramatic romantic movies such as ‘The Winds of Change.’ Since numerous real-life movies were released in the same period with identical titles, ranging from ‘Gone with the Wind’ to ‘The Wind Cannot Read,’ it is easy to mistake Lorraine and her film as real.

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